255/50-16's What are you using?

Those just recently became available in our sizes. I bought them off ebay- 255X50X16 for the rear and 245's for the front. I paid a local shop to mount and balance them. I even had an eBay coupon for $100 off. After all was said and done I found out I could have bought, mounted and balanced them for less at a shop called Tires Plus near my house. So shop around!
I run the same size of and tires as GNrick . Yes please shop around . I purchase minds one year ago from a local tire shop as well and got a real good deal. If you want a cheaper tire the Kumho 245/50/16 is what I run on my car previous before I changed to the BF Goodrich.The Kumho handle an road decent but was also getting a little age on them. Here is a pic of the Kumho, don't feel like going down stairs and lifting my car cover an taking a pic of the BF Goodrich .


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Agree with RossGN , mine has the g-force sport , they start off hard when you first start driving , then they soften up some and get better .When they spin they don't even make noise . But mine are old now , from 2008 , so I imagine they got harder over the years . I wish they would repo the Gatorbacks for us !!! Would buy a set in a minute !!!!
I have the BFGs also. Best option for a street tire in the 245 or 255 size. Good handling, decent traction with some heat in them, good if you get caught in the rain. Only negative really is some slight tramlining/following groves in the road.