27 years... and still missing


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Sad how this forum has grown over the years. Every now and then I look for information concerning my missing 1987 GN. The car was stolen, and recovered on Long Island in the spring of 1988. The odometer reflected about 13K miles. The police officer who found the car advised me it was a "light strip". Maybe someone can run a current CARFAX to see if there is anything new to report??

The CARFAX report I ran in 2001 showed a New York State salvage title issued in 1993, and the car had 29K miles. So I know it survived the recovery. I don't know where, for how long, or if the car even still exists.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If the car is out there, I would like to buy it back. I still have all the original documents... window sticker/bill of sale, and even a letter from Buick thanking me for my purchase!

Thanks in advance, Paul.
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