3.5 plastic maf k&n filter part number?

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
I wanted to know what part are the part numbers for the longest cone filter that will fit.
If it’s the 85mm Z06 maf just use a 4” filter.
The 85mm Z06 maf is about 3 7/8”, it doesn’t take much synching down to get the 4” filter tight.
Otherwise I don’t know.
Curious as to why you'd want the longest filter? some time ago, actually 2008 from the video, Mr. Clark did some flow bench work showing different combo's of inlet piping, compressor housings, MAFs, filters, etc. there was no difference in flow volume from using an 8" (or 9") open K&N style filter vs the 14" cone. that was done on 3" inlet components. Maybe I'm missing what you're trying to do...all I remembered is that those 14" filters took up a lot of space and did not add anything to what the 8" or 9" open cone was already doing...filtration without restriction. expect the same for 3.5".

thanks to John S. (Caspers) for recording the video and making it available for all of us.