3 inch Downpipe

I run the TA stainless 3" dp. Fitment and clearance is perfect. Great pipe, couldn't be happier with it. My buddy that helped me install it has a THDP on his car and he was pleased with the TA pipe too. I chose it over the rjc pipe because it was a little cheaper and it came with the dump pipe, which I wanted, instead of not having that option with the rjc pipe. There was a HUGE difference in how hard the car runs after upgrading from the stock dp. I'd recommend it.
It's probably safe to say that if you buy a downpipe form one of the vendors on here it's a good chance that it will be of a good quality. I bought mine from SETurbo (came with dump also), and it went in way easier than the stock one came out. No rattling or unusual noises either.