3000 Converter


Empty Pockets
Looking for a 3000 stall converter lock up. I would like to get a PTS or good name converter in the range of $400-550. Let me know what you got

i have 2 lock-up converters available for a 2004r trans.
1) a nice low miles 3000-3200 unit from dynotech
2) low miles art carr 2800-3000 unit
your choice for $350 plus shipping.
let me know if you're interested in either.
bw jones
9 1/2 inch lock/up (custom converter)

I have a 9 1/2 inch lock/up torque converter from crt in tampa ,fl.stall is 3200 -3400.retail was $700.00 plus shipping. will sell for $450.00 plus shipping.
coverter has low miles and would be great for future turbo up-grades.
This converter also has the extra bolt holes for sbc engines.