Oct 3, 2002
Anyone out there running BF drags 325-50-15?
Did you have to do anthing to the rear of the car?
What size and backspace rim did you use?

I would love to see this article. If those tires do fit on a 15 inch rim I might just notch my frame to fit these.
You need a 15x10 rim with 5" or 5.5" backspacing. The outter frame rails need to be notched and the wheel well may need a little massaging. You may need to roll the fender lip with the 5" backspacing too.

I am in the process of this and will post the results. Probably wont be done for a few months though.
I ran them on my car (9.34 w/them) with the frame notched. I recently switched to the 315-60's. Those required mini-tubs. Spotmy6 is dead-on with the b/s

Not without air shocks and the tread sticking out beyond the fender lip :)