May 26, 2004
Today was a nice day in Chicagoland so I decided to take my GN out to stretch its muscles and I have a neighbor that has wanted a ride in my GN so I decided to ask him if he wanted to go for a spin in my GN (87). Now my friend has a Vette so I was kind of killing two birds with one stone by showing my friend what a GN feels like.Well we head towards the main road and I see a 350Z go by and I have heard that they are kind of fast so I wanted to see what my GN would do.Well I start speeding up and my friend tells me that my car feels like the front end wants to go up.:D Well I catch up to him after I went around some Sunday drivers and I could tell that the driver of the 350Z knew what was behind him well I get a break in traffic and I get around him and nail it he trys to follow with no luck so I slowed down to let him get closer as the traffic had cleared he comes up along side of me so I let him hit it first then I hit it and I ran away from him so bad I wondered if it was worth my gas and effort.Also my friend really enjoyed the GN and never realized just how much power you get out of that lil old V6 :D
350Zs are SLOOOOOOW. Weigh too much, modded they can be pretty quick but in stock form....not so much. Nice kill
I beat the crap out of a 350Z with a bone stock '07 Mustang GT. I can't wait to REALLY beat one with my GN :biggrin: