37,000 Mile Parts For Sale


Jan 25, 2002
Beings Iv'e had so many pm's & emails about parts prices on this car, I'm listing what's for sale and prices. Please note that ALL the parts off this car are excellent unless noted.
1- A/C lines. $100 SOLD !!
2- A/C condenser. $100 SOLD!!
2A A/C compressor. $100 SOLD !!
3- Radiator. $100 SOLD
4- Radiator hold down plate (needs repainted to be nice) average the way it is) $50 SOLD !!
5- Radiator stock baffling, all three pieces and nice. $50SOLD !!
6- Electric rad. fan. Mint !! $100
7- Throttle body complete. $100 SOLD !!
7A Nice stock oil fill tube & cap. $45 SOLD !!
8- Air intake complete and NICE!! Has an almost new K&N filter in it.Except the intake flex hose has a couple of rubbed spots on it, Very usable. $150 SOLD !!
9- Stock turbo with actuator. Nice and tight and NO oil issues. $250 SOLD !!
9A Nice stock turbo shield with bolts. $75 SOLD !!
10- Power steering pump with pulley. $75 SOLD !!
11- Power steering pump reservoir.with nice stock cap. $75 SOLD !!
11A Nice fuel rail with injector harness. $75
12- Both fuel lines and they are nice. $75 SOLD !!
Both oil cooler lines and they are nice. $50 SOLD !!
13-Power steering lines (2) $25 SOLD !!
14- Stock intercooler, real nice except alittle paint peel on part of top edge. $75 SOLD !!
15- Intercooler shroud. Has a small melted spot on the top egde as if some dummy layed a drop light there. NOT scraped up on the bottom. $75 SOLD !!
16- Intercooler fan, nice. $45 SOLD !!
17- Battery cables like new. $75 for both. SOLD !!
18- Battery hold down strap. $25 SOLD !!
19- Nice replacement plug wires, look like stock. $25
20- Main aluminum accessory bracket. $75 SOLD !!
21- Have ALL other brackets ,just ask.
22- Valve covers. Factory sticker still on drivers side. $50 for the pair SOLD !!
23- Original coil pack & module. $125 SOLD !!
24- Both overflow & windshield washer bottles with original caps on them. Still white but will need some cleaning. $50 for both.
25-All pulleys, just ask
26- GN header panel with some minor, imperfections in paint. Never repainted or repaired. $300 SOLD !!
27- GN grille with Buick emblem on it. Needs a good cleaning but NOTHING chipped or broken.$250 SOLD !!
28- Front bumper fillers, still nice and pliable with NO damage. They do haze up after a couple of weeks. Polished they look like new. $100 for the pair. SOLD !!
29- GN hood with nice 3.8 emblems on it. NO paint damage just needs a good buffing. $450
30- 9 pin hood pad alttle dirty but NO damage. $250 SOLD !!
31- Almost new hood shocks. $40 for both.
32- Stock downpipe, nice one $75 SOLD !!
33- Stock cat. converter. $150
34- Cat. converter hanger. $75 SOLD !!
35- Stock driveshaft. $75 SOLD !!
36- Excellent stock shifter with a new aluminum push button. $100 SOLD !!
37- Excellent cam sensor. $100 SOLD !!
38- Nice stock tranny lines. $50
39- An excellent complete set of gray rear seat belts. $100
40- Excellent set of exhaust manifolds with crossover pipe. $250 SOLD !!

These are parts already sold
Long block, intake manifold,hard vacuum lines, maf sensor, alternator, headlight bezels, side marker lights and the tensioner.

I can get pics. of Any part and ALL parts are PLUS shipping and 3% paypal fees. Thanks Mike
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Interested in 1 ,2,2a,3 ,4 and 34 shipped to 38654.Also will take coil pack and module I asked about.Thanks
I'll take the following:

5- Radiator stock baffling - 3 pieces. $50
15- Intercooler shroud. $75
17- Battery cables. $75 for both.
34- Cat converter hanger. $75
Interested in hard coolant line and hold down strap & bolt by passenger valve cover that connects heater hoses to water pump hose.

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Hi there I'm interested in 10,11 & 13 shipped to 91501.
How much would that be?
Thank You
Mike, how much shipped for 1 and 22 to 73107, business

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Can I get pics of exhaust manifolds and cost of shipping to 94116.

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