3800 Series II Engine $900

Anthony P

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I'm sorting through a parts lot - before Black stuff, 84-87 stuff, and 3800 stuff.

There's a really clean 3800 Series II supercharged engine in the mix. I'll be able to get more pictures and more info later this week.

As I gather more info and paperwork on the series II for the for sale listing, PM me if interested. below is what I have so far...

There were too many projects in the works - Car was sold before this engine swap, etc was continued.


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Located the receipt. Purchased 30 March 2019 for $954 including core charge and sales tax.


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Based on the part number, it's probably the odometer reading, so a clean 50K Bonneville engine there. That's about the going price for an engine in that usage level, although it's always a matter of what the demand level is. Series 3's usually net a bit more, but condition is also a big factor in my eyes. Recently bought a 2007 Series 3 for $400 with unknown Upull miles for spare, and now running a very early 2004 Series 3 with 67k for $800-1200 2yrs ago, I forget (still had Series 2 rotating assembly under new top-end).
Thanks Dave for the info and confirmation. Thinking that someone in the 3800 group could use this as a spare of some sorts, similarly to what you did. with all this stuff, having something at the ready for a backup of sorts nowadays in the event something happens is good planning. no one wants to be down on the sidelines for a year or longer waiting for a cam or crank and then waiting for your turn in the builder's backlog.