4.1 block prep


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Aug 9, 2002
well ive picked up a new (old) block and i wanna prep it for going in the car .as far as machine shop procedures im doing the magniflux first,check for deck flatness.then checking for straightness of the crank bore,then a small cylinder over bore to clean up,change the cam bearings i was wondering if im forgetting anything as far as oiling provisions are concerned
,the block is a 4.1 with a 25514291 casting number. any recomendations? this being my first all out build id like to do it right.this will be a 4.1 driven on the street.:D
If you just bought the block, then you'll have to spend some time checking those items. However, if you got the short block then you can look at the wear pattern of the bearings and see if it's even and uniform. If so then you just saved a bunch of money.

Unless you building a Stage motor, then you might really look at what you want to do. You can easily tie up $3K in a short block. Or build 2, $1.5K shortblocks. If your going for a fast street car, then it might be OK to hold off on some items and have a spare, rather then a killer engine with no fall back posistion. There's even the chance of a mistake on the machine shops part, and putting a bunch of money, in an engine that's doomed.
ok then so dont throw all my life savings into a "might be doomed" block.... cool. what about the oil passages on the mains? i think i read someware that if the two main oil holes closest to the center of the block were not the right size that problems could rise when making max hp(lack of oil volume). like bearing failure.