4.1 performance

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
tell me if this sounds really stupid i have a 82 cutlass that has a 307 olds in it i put this engine in it the car came with a 3.8 it blew up too i wanted to put a 4.1 back in it on the computer emmissions are driving me crazy in chicago i wanted to know can the 4.1 be built up to be pretty quick right now in the car i have a 200r4 d5 convertor and 323 gears with posi i have access to some 373 too i need to be fast and on the computer
Well yes it can. But, with a big heavy car like a G-body it will not really shine. To get a true 250 HP out of a 4.1 it has to be fairly well built. So, a nice single plane intake, big cam, etc. Those parts don't really fit into the emissions requirements too well. With closer to stock parts, 200 HP is very doable but that will be a bit underwhelming performance wise. Now put that same engine in a Vega (1000 pounds lighter) and it can be a real performer.