4.5 Stroker Engine F/S


Lou's Automotive 949-378-1590
Complete fresh build, 272 IN. 4.00 bore, 3,625 stroke, 4.1 production 25506484 block, 9.0 compression coated race tech forged pistons, coated bearings, Champion heads, ported intake, T/A valve covers, 210 roller cam, manton push rods, accufab 72 mm T/body , upper manifold & fuel regulator, 80 # injectors & chip, ARP main & head studs, steel main caps , headers, T/A front cover, RJC deep pan, Molnar rods, Harold's crank, , billet fly wheel, T66 turbo, all the best machine work & assm. utilized , installation available I built this with the intention of finding a car to build for myself & bailed on the idea. any questions call me @ 949-378-1590 Regards Lou Czarnota $15.000


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I’ll trade you a short block and a bunch of other speed parts… (champion heads, intakes turbos)
What style rocker arms are on this build? roller cam- billet or austempered? Harmonic Balancer-stock? any pics during assembly?
Chuck, and even though shut up stupid give some meaning to your wretched life unfortunately the term is not exclusive just to you even though I know you carry it proudly ,9you have to agree that the term do it leak oil deserves the same careful consideration 🐑
I thot it was a valid question, given the pic of the engine on a stand with a drip pan under it.
At least you were prepared.
U R right, I own the phrase! Don't use it again without my permission! ;)