4 front GTA rims w/GNX caps,lugs,covers.

85 ttypewh1

fire fighter
Jul 25, 2004
Time to sell some stuff to pay for new shop. These are 4 front GTA rims, 3 are dimpless and one has dimples filled in. Stripped by hand and polished and centers painted black. These rims are very nice and come with everything needed to install minus tires. 4 new GNX kirban center caps with metal retainers to keep them from falling off, 4 locking lugs with key, 16 lug nuts and 20 lug nut covers. Rims never installed after polishing. I have a 85 gn that i installed gnx flares and vents to install these on but i have decided to sell the car to pay for other priorities. I am asking for 1300 plus shipping of your choice, if they dont sell in a couple weeks they will go on the car and sell with it. Thanks
Go here for pics
If you have any ?s please email me at greg2637@sbcglobal.net