Complete front suspension with 4 wheel Baer Brakes FS


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Upgrading my complete front suspension and 4-wheel Baer brake setup on my car from an article in 1995 Car Craft issue.
Going with new Baer 6 Piston brakes and complete UMI suspension and coil-overs
Here's a list of parts, and I will part out, or sale complete for a better deal.
I'm in N Cal if local. 94564 for shipping.
1. Set of Hotchkis Upper a arm (Black) with heat shield. Good condition.
2. Qa1 lower A-arms with the brackets for either Coil-overs or stock style coil springs. Great condition I just purchased a couple years ago installed but only put maybe 500 miles.
3. Pair of 96 model Impala drop spindles.
4. 4-wheel disc brake setup. I think its 12" in front and 13 in rear. Brand new front Baer rotors with slots and grooves no miles. The rear rotors and brakes are fine. These were originally installed by Baer in a 95 article of Car Craft and tested on a track. You get all the details in the article which I will attach.
5. 4X Double adjustable Qa1 shock for all four corners. One has a rub mark from my E Brake cable, but no issues and they look and work great.
6. Stock HD replacement springs for front and back. Brand new installed and sat on car for a year or so.
7. Set of Qa1 Coil-over single adjustable for front with 385# springs. I purchased from another member a few years ago but just installed but never drove. Good shape. I would replace the rubber bushings.
8. A full front back set of 2" Hotchkis drop springs. I purchased about 12 years ago (first part I replaced when I got car because of old stock ones) and they still have plenty of life.
I dont know what to ask for prices so Please shoot an offer for all or parts or part of list.. For legal reasons I will ask $105,005.99 for the whole lot.
I probably have some other suspension stuff so don't be shy to PM and ask. Ive got adjustable rear uppers and longer lowers with HR bar but probably going to leave that unless I get a combo for that too.


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