4 USED Ross pistons and 6.5” Carillo rods (good to keep as backups)_ $200 OBO


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Aug 11, 2001
Hey guys, I have these 4 USED Ross Forged 9:1 pistons coated tops and skirts by Callico coatings, Carillo 6.5” rods with large SPS rod bolts. Came out of a *270 c.i. Stage 2 off center 4.020 bore & 3.59 BMS crank engine. Coating for the most part is gone/worn off, but very usable. The machine shop said that 2 of the rods were bent (I’m guessing the 2 rods are NOT salvageable), the damage is not noticeable to the naked eye, so I would recommend you have your machine shop look at all 6 rods. Although you are getting what’s pictured (6 rods, 5 pistons and 5 wrist pins), The Ad is for a set of 4 x Ross Pistons, 6.5inch Carillo Rods and Wrist pins (PERIOD). I need these gone, make me an offer! Click on link below for more pictures (if no link then COPY & PASTE)._ $300 $200 OBO... These must go...


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