4.1 block, girdle, 3.625 bms crank, pistons


Empty Pockets
Clearing out some of my old motor parts

4.1 production "484" block. Fresh from machine shop. Has one sleeve that was just put in. 4.000 bore. New cam bearings. Machined for girdle and clearanced for stroker crank. Ready to build. Was running 136mph 1/4 with it. Comes with rjc girdle $1200

Bms 3.625 crank. Turned 20/20. Bearing surfaces are polished and nice. $800

Also have a couple sets of forged pistons
One set of 5 Ross 3.995 set up for 3.625crank/6.5 rod with hd pins $175
Set of 6 3.995 Ross pistons for 3.59/6.35 rod. Some weird small dinks on the bottom side of them it looks like someone tried to polish off. In good shape other than that. With pins and rings $300
Set of Carrillo 6.5 rods I know nothing about. Looks like one had a spun bearing at some point. $300


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