40,000 Mile Seats from My Show Car.


Running B&M TrickShift but I have a hard time reading the dipstick as it's clear. Going to add some Lucas Semi-Synthetic Dexron/Mercon to tint it red.

Is it OK to mix the 2 fluids? We are talking maybe 1-2 quarts of the Dexron.
they also make dye for hydraulic oil ...which would probably work ..not 100 percent sure..but i dont see why not
Been using B&M Trick Shift for years. Agree a little hard to see on the dipstick but it's not like I need to check it on a regular basis. I like the idea of spraying a flat black.

I use this stuff with some Walmart red trans fluid to give it some color. If you can afford the dextron vi it is suppose to be better being synthetic and all. This is why you need to consult with your trans guy and their reccomendation. They can set the trans up to shift with the fluid they reccomend.
Really like that John Deere low viscosity... doesn’t foam up. Been over 10 years with changes.
Add the type F. Trick shift is a type F fluid.

Type F has a larger molecule than dex to better grip the clutch surfaces. Once you run a type F you stay with a type F.
this stuff is red
and is a synthetic type F, has worked very well for me, change once a year

Aluminum Drum 1 .jpg
I've put out there that I've used tractor fluid in the past and do know a bunch of people who do. Just wanted to post a link to a law suite about some off brand 303 fluid . This sheads light on knowing just what you are dumping into your equipment.
I do it probably for the same reason this yellow bucket crap sells. Because it is less expensive. Or at least it is to buy the yellow bucket full of the crap compared to the "right" stuff.
If changing trans fluid types, one can never remove ALL the trans fluid since the converter always stores fluid. Is it OK to have some Type F with Dexron VI fluid?

I bet the valves in the valvebody prefer DExron Vi as the 2004R valve body was designed for Dexron and not Type F. The Type F might make the valves stick more in the valve body since it is heavily a friction modified fluid.
They are just valves and most are metal to metal. I don't think a quart or five of type f would be a problem mixed in there. I'd be more concerned with the quality of the fluid. But that said I'm not recomeneding it either.
The fluid is pretty much hydraulic oil with color and modifiers. The ability to take heat would be my concern. Standing on the brakes as the opponent in the other lane is jacking around burning you down is where you get worried. It gets over 300*f in a hurry.