4th Gen Wheels


Just Another BLACK Car
Jul 29, 2001
Has anybody used 4th Gen wheels? I have a chance to get a real nice set of Chrome 17" WS6 wheels off of a 4th Gen Trans Am.

My original wheels need to be restored and I will keep them to retain the "ORIGINALITY".

I would like to use some newer wheels in the meantime.
Simple question simple answer:
Yes you can use them. I know a lot of people who have put 4th gen wheels on their Thirdgen.
So here is your answer. You need spacers because the offset is off by an inch or two. These spacers are a little poricey but well worth it in my opinion. Personally I would prefer to keep my stock wheels, but the newer ones sure are hot looking.
Anyways I forget the website that sells them so here is what you can do if nobody else on here knows the place
goto www.thirdgen.org and post this question in the suspension board
or wait a few days till I get ahold of my brother and ask him where he got his spacers.
He has 98 Z/28 wheels on his 89 Z.