55 # injectors


Jul 27, 2005
Who makes them? I'm looking at buying them for the TTA and have just never researched a 55 # inj.

I went from 009s to 60s on the GN.

Is this a good idling/performing inj?

I have a set of used 55 LB injectors forsale $125.00 shipped.In good condition.
I have a friend selling me turbo/inj/chips.

How did yours idle/perform.

I need to know if they suck or not.

Why not go with 60# like on your GN. I was thinking of getting a set of those for my GN. How do they run and idle?
I have a spare Quad Air modded ecm. Think I need to use it on the tta?

I'm not using 60s cause I'm getting a package deal.

I love the 60s on my GN.

Still...how do they idle/perform?
i fought them for years, idled like sh&! and the car was always rich
had red armstrong modded ecm, red armstrong chips, joe lubrant chips, then went to a translator plus with their chips. maybe the newer 55 injectors are better but mine were crap.
I'm going to look at them today. Could you describe them to me. I've never seen a set.

How long ago did you have them?
the 55's are awsome. i went from stock to 40's to 55 and i love the 55's. i have a TT chip in my car and its runs great. the idle is smooth and i have never had any issue with them
mine worked fine. no problems with idle or driveability. Used an extender chip and 85mm maf.
Mine are Siemens from Racetronix flow matched set.

I use the extender extreme chip and 3.5" MAF and translator, I shifted the blm's with the programming a bit richer about 10 numbers.

No issues at all, idle and drive just fine, lean cruise works great as well.

70% DC on pump and alky. around 113 mph.

I bought the modded ECM used.

Daily driver, no issues ever with those injectors, pass emissions flawlessly.