55's and DFI help needed


OK,first off I'm new to DFI so take that into consideration.

I got my motor running now with stock injectors just to get it going and break it in,now i wanna put the 55's on and I need some programs for it to get started.Anybody any help will be apreciated.

My combo is TTA motor w/ported heads and intake,214/210 billet roller,TE64-1 turbo,and a V2 intercooler if that helps.

My next question is where to start tuning with the DFI?Up till now I've been playing with mostly stock low12/high 11 second cars and it's been too easy to just watch the scanmaster and keep it rich with no knock by keeping the boost in check,does the same apply with DFI?

Any help and comments apreciated and any files can be emailed to me at tta850@aol.com

Thanks in advance,