$57,000 Turbo Trans Am?!!??

Has to support his crack habit..
He spent too much time in ft of the boob tube, during the Bareass Jackson auction coverage.
What are the production numbers of that car?

This type of stuff is funny as heck a GNX "Regal" is worth $100K,
Over all
How many Regals came in blk, with turbo engines?
How many TAs came in white with turbo engines?

BTW that car looks great.
It does look great, just not $57,000 great. GNX's will always be worth more, but they are coming down in price. I never thought they were worth the kind of bread they were selling for.
I would say for as much as these damb cars cost to find to fix and replace, why not let it be expensive.. It will only drive the market in a positive direction for those who own them.. Basically what it boils down to is this is a RICH MANS CAR! Most people can't afford them... Especially if they break. They are very unique and I appreciate the fact not every joe-blow has one.. Praise him for trying to get top dollar! We could all be so lucky if we decided to sell ours
I agree that they are rare cars, but that price is insane. Would you buy that car at that price? No one would because it would be a bad investment period. It is a great car, just not at that price. It will NEVER sell for $57,000 in 2013.
I can see 40k tops. Like stated above There is an ass for every seat.Someone that has disposable income would buy that car just to have it. I know a couple guys that have more money than god that would drop the cash if they like the car. I watched him put 60 k in a truck and then sell it for 25k. They dont care about money.It makes me sick.