6/10/2009 Gateway-SCSS Street Car Shootout RESULTS!

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Apr 1, 2004
These results reflect the record holders, qualifiers, and final round contestants at each of the
Street Car Shootout Series events held each Tuesday at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois.

All vehicles compete utilizing Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) approved tires. All other modifications are permitted. Tuesday SCSS Track Records can be set during the two official qualifying or championship rounds. The first official Street Car Shootout qualifying period begins at 6:00 PM with sessions continuing until 9:45 PM, (barring unforeseen circumstances). At 10:00 PM, the four quickest qualifiers meet in no-handicap eliminations advancing two winners to the championship final round. Each of the Top 16 qualifiers receives a "Fastest Street Car Qualifier" decal. The SCSS trophies and decals are presented by Gateway Raceway.com. Additionally, the two quickest Sport Tuner drivers, (open to all passenger cars except Rear-Wheel-Drive vehicles with engines of eight cylinders or more), also meet in a no-handicap championship round for trophies presented by St. Louis Street Racers.com and the two quickest Super Truck drivers, (open to all trucks and utility vehicles), meet in a no-handicap championship round for trophies presented by Gateway Raceway.com. All finalists in all categories also receive free digital images from the event courtesy of Bret Kepner Photos.com and one free entry to a future SCSS event.



Class Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine ET MPH Date
RWD Mark Woodruff, Arnold, MO 69 Nova 706 Chevy 8.255 07/01/2008
RWD Mark Woodruff, Arnold, MO 69 Nova 706 Chevy 178.71 07/01/2008

4CYL Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 9.039 10/14/2008
4CYL Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 152.16 10/16/2007

TRK Kevin Autenrieth, Bethalto, IL 91 S-10 434 Chevy 9.065 07/01/2008
TRK Larry Richards, Hillsboro, MO 52 3100 427 Chevy 149.07 9/4/2007

6CYL Tony Shoaff, Mechanicsburg, IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 9.848 10/14/2008
6CYL Tony Shoaff, Mechanicsburg, IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 136.69 10/14/2008

DSL Chris Calkins, Union, MO 70 C-10 403 Chevy 9.875 9/25/2007
DSL Chris Calkins, Union, MO 70 C-10 403 Chevy 139.41 9/25/2007

RTY Eric Cheatham, Belleville, IL 93 RX-7 79 Mazda 10.048 9/26/2006
RTY Eric Cheatham, Belleville, IL 93 RX-7 79 Mazda 137.95 9/26/2006

AWD Adnan Omerovic, St. Louis, MO 95 Talon 122 Eagle 10.234 9/11/2007
AWD Adnan Omerovic, St. Louis, MO 95 Talon 122 Eagle 141.50 7/22/2008

FWD Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 85 Golf 123 Volks 10.989 05/06/2008
FWD Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 85 Golf 123 Volks 134.87 05/06/2008

Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine ET MPH Date

EVENT 10 06/10/2009

1 Tim Mallicoat Collinsville IL 68 Camaro 565 Chevy 8.776 156.19
2 Jon Huber St. Louis MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 9.312 146.75
3 Curtis Paulfrey Brighton IL 68 Camaro 502 Chevy 10.480 133.21
4 Matthew Martin St. Louis MO 86 Mustang 302 Ford 10.742 92.11
5 Don Moore Pontoon Beach IL 91 S-10 468 Chevy 10.757 120.01
6 Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 93 S-10 355 Chevy 10.880 122.31
7 Dave Cowdrey Auburn IL 33 Deluxe 364 Chevy 11.218 118.35
8 Jason Singleton Granite City IL 02 Corvette 346 Chevy 12.082 119.40
9 Brian Marchlewski St. Louis MO 02 Camaro 346 Chevy 12.229 112.03
10 Matt Gosch Bunker Hill IL 83 Regal Wagon 455 Buick 12.298 107.50
11 Scott Keller St. Louis MO 87 Regal 231 Buick 12.369 107.90
12 Tim Eagle Troy MO 04 Mustang 281 Ford 12.575 115.18
13 Dan Harris St. Louis MO 04 Mustang 232 Ford 12.670 102.71
14 Jeff Jones Florissant MO 64 Fairlane 460 Ford 12.831 105.99
15 Jarrod Watkins Anoka MN 06 Evo 8 122 Mitsu 12.911 106.99
16 Joe Kostoff Granite City IL 06 Magnum 372 Dodge 13.087 108.14


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Tim Mallicoat Collinsville, IL 68 565 Camaro 0.192 8.716 155.27
RU Curtis Paulfrey Brighton, IL 68 502 Camaro 0.109 10.242 134.07

After two weeks of total rainouts, (washing away both Tuesday and Wednesday nights), the first Street Car Shootout Series event at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois, since May 19th was deemed a minor miracle in that it barely escaped another complete cancellation with the final rounds completed only minutes before another huge storm hit the area. It was business as usual for Tim “Moose” Mallicoat, however, and the driver of the M&M Automotive/Huff Motorsports “Hellraiser” 1968 Camaro not only scored his sixth win of the season but is now tied with Super Truck Showdown king Hal Marshall for overall SCSS victories with twenty-nine.

After a fifth consecutive washout on Tuesday, the rescheduled Wednesday evening program seemed doomed from the start. A major rainstorm was predicted to hit the track by 9:00 PM and the skies looked forbidding even before the event got underway. When the first qualifying run hit the track at 6:00 PM, the corrected elevation was a horrific 2,637 feet above sea level and the “air” got worse before it improved slightly to a best of 2,287 feet. The lack of oxygen and high humidity kept all but a handful of drivers from recording career-best performances. In fact, the majority of teams produced runs up to three tenths of a second slower than their most recent SCSS performances.

Although attendance was down significantly because of the weather and the forecast, it was a mad dash for the staging lanes for drivers who knew the rainout schedule during SCSS races. GIR’s rainout policy is based on the time of day, (on the track’s master timing computer), of the first run down the quarter-mile for each SCSS event. If weather or unforeseen circumstances force a cancellation within two hours of the starting time, the event is considered incomplete; no SCSS points are awarded and admission receipts are honored as rain checks for any other SCSS program. If the race is called at any point after two hours from the starting time, the event is considered complete and points are awarded for qualifying positions as they stood at the time of the cancellation regardless of whether any elimination rounds are conducted. Since the arrival of the storm was predicted to be close to that two-hour window, most drivers made sure they produced at least one representative pass as early as possible to grab their SCSS points if their efforts held for a spot in the Super Sixteen field.

Mallicoat made sure his qualifying run came early. Only twenty-five minutes after qualifying began, the “Moose” proved even his naturally-aspirated 565-cubic inch Chevy was struggling in the “bad air”. Covering the first sixty feet in a mediocre 1.31 seconds, Mallicoat clocked a run of 8.77 seconds at 156.19 mph, a full fifteen hundredths of a second slower than his average run of 2009 to date. He was followed by SCSS Four-Cylinder Record Holder Jon Huber’s renowned ‘79 Mustang which managed to squeeze in two qualifying efforts; the turbocharged 178-inch four-banger hit a 9.31/146.75 and, later, a slowing 9.50/143.44. Curtis Paulfrey’s yellow 502-inch naturally-aspirated ‘68 Camaro was also battling the air with an off-pace 10.48/133.21 which fell in the third position. Newcomer Matthew Martin’s 302-powered ’86 Mustang rounded out the top four slots with a 10.74 at a coasting 92.11 mph on a pass which included a 6.26/111.80 eighth-mile clocking showing certain nine-second capability.

After only ninety minutes of qualifying, huge banks of black clouds rolled over the track and reports of tornadoes in neighboring counties became numerous. The decision to begin eliminations was made in an effort to finish the event before the storm hit but, only minutes after qualifying was determined to be completed, massive amounts of lightning produced the season’s wildest light show over the facility. However, with GIR’s new fiber-optic timing system, the race was able to continue unabated despite the aerial pyrotechnics.

Unfortunately, the Fords of Martin and Huber were unable to compete and only Huber offered advanced notice to the staging steward. When Martin failed to appear, Mallicoat quickly took a semi-final solo run to a surprisingly quick 8.74/155.17 with virtually all of the improvement due to a 1.28-second sixty-feet elapsed time. Ray Arthur, who returned to the wheel of his “S-10 Revenge” naturally-aspirated smallblock-powered ’93 pickup, made the field as an alternate for Huber and squared off with Paulfrey’s Chevy; after a tenth-of-a-second holeshot, Paulfrey drove into his second career SCSS final round with a 10.43/131.77 to the truck’s 10.72/122.49.

Paulfrey fell to Mallicoat in the April 21st SCSS finale but was enjoying his second appearance much more; his work schedule, which forces him to leave the track no later than 9:20 PM on weeknights, wasn’t a concern since eliminations began almost an hour early. In the trophy dash, the pilot of the Winner’s Circle Automotive Chevy left the starting line almost a tenth of a second quicker than Mallicoat but the black “Hellraiser” Camaro hit a 1.27-second “sixty” and blasted to its best run of the event, an 8.71/155.27, over Paulfrey’s improved 10.24/134.07.

“I’ve never run rounds that quickly!”, said a huffing and puffing Mallicoat during trophy presentations in front of the main grandstands. “I was running my own car and Tim, Junior, was in our blue Camaro running 9.50s and his blue pickup truck running in the fifteens! We had cars all over the place. I guess we’re just lucky to get a race in this month. We just can’t seem to get a break with the weather”. Paulfrey was happy to be able to stay for winner’s circle photos which he had to miss after the April 21st event in a dash to get to work on time. The newlywed and his father/crewchief, Joe, both agreed it was amazing the race was even completed, noting, “I never would have thought we would’ve even run the final round but we’ll take the points and just keep our fingers crossed we can run again next week!”.

NOTES FROM THE SCSS: It was a crazy night but don’t expect the SCSS qualifying periods to ever be shortened by the weather again. Even though the rain hit just minutes after trophies were awarded, the SCSS program will stick to its original format in the future. Qualifying will run to completion and, if eliminations fall victim to the weather, so be it…Three-time 2009 SCSS finalist Orson “O.J.” Johnson’s Andy McCoy Race Cars/Hyperformance Motorsports/HP Powdercoatings turbocharged Drag Radial ’99 Mustang ragtop just missed the revised qualifying deadline but was more concerned about testing a new rearend before leaving town to attend the National Mustang Racers Association event in Milan, Michigan, the next morning. “As much as we like running in the SCSS, we really need to sort out this rear so we elected to just make timed trials”, said crew chief Paul Schoelich. The red Mustang ran a brilliant 8.43/169.87 which would’ve been good enough for the pole qualifying position. A later effort ended with a coasting 8.84 at only 132.08 and a fried transmission but the team still planned to head north after repairs…Chevy fans will soon have another dog in the SCSS hunt with the debut of Joe Rudy’s yellow ’69 Camaro on D.O.T. tires proving the Kirkwood, Missouri, racer will be a definite player. Having just run an 8.84/152.09 on slicks during the April 24th Midnight Madness event, Rudy’s big-inch nitrous-aided Chevy clocked a 9.09/150.35 on its first pass ever on street tires and returned twenty-six minutes later to hit a 1.37 “sixty” and a brilliant 8.99/150.38. Although the McNamara’s Towing team didn’t get a chance to qualify, they will definitely be ready for the next SCSS event…The occasional street rod can be seen at SCSS events but one which can qualify in the Super Sixteen field is a rarity. Dave Cowdrey’s new fiberglass ‘33 Ford used a late-model 364-inch Chevy to power its way to the eighth spot in the show with an impressive 11.21/118.35...Another classic which made the field was the blue ‘64 Fairlane 500 of Jeff Jones who was a regular on Wednesday nights until this season when he moved his street-tired 460 Ford-powered rig into SCSS racing…Another future killer will be the St. Louis-based black Prospect Motorsports ’88 S-10 pickup of Kevin Williams which put down a stout 10.25/130.40 in late timed trials…Quinn Grant’s burgundy 438 Windsor-powered ’93 Mustang recorded a best of 9.88/134.27 in late timed trials, as well…Curtis Paulfrey is now officially the Reaction Time King of the SCSS; the Brighton, Illinois, racer has “left on” every opponent he has ever faced in eliminations!… “Moose” Mallicoat’s lifetime round-win average in SCSS competition now stands at 87.01%, (67-10), but his 2009 round-win average is currently 92.85%, (13-1)!…Apparently, somebody CAN stop Derek Allen! The three-time 2009 High School Eliminator winner from Waterloo (IL) High School student lost in his fifth final round this year to reigning High School Eliminator season champion Matt Gosch, who finally worked the bugs out of his low-twelve-second 455 Buick-powered ‘83 Regal Station Wagon from Bunker Hill (IL) H.S. and nipped the “Gator Gumbo” ‘84 305 Cutlass by twenty thousandths of a second in the final round…There was big news in the 2009 Doc’s Harley-Davidson Street Bike Shootout Series when Eric Sanzottera, the undisputed King of the series, took his QuickTime Motorsports/Big St. Charles Motorsports candy red turbocharged 2003 Suzuki GSX1100 to an 8.02 at an incredible 191.84 mph to reset his own series speed record by over five miles per hour. He backed up the run with an 8.09/190.51. The Street Bike Shootout Series machines must be self-starting, have street equipment, a D.O.T. rear tire and are not allowed the use of wheelie bars!

SPECIAL NOTE: As noted in the 2009 GIR schedule released in February, next week’s scheduled Street Car Shootout Series event on Tuesday, June 16th, will mark the final event before a thirteen-day closure of Gateway International Raceway due to a rental of the entire facility by Marlboro. After the June 16th SCSS event, the next event of any kind on the GIR schedule is the SCSS program on Tuesday, June 30th.


Pos Points Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine

1 (55) Tim Mallicoat Collinsville IL 68 Camaro 565 Chevy
2 (43) Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 67 Camaro 496 Chevy
3 (41) Curtis Paulfrey Brighton IL 68 Camaro 502 Chevy
4 (33) Orson Johnson House Springs MO 99 Mustang 281 Ford
5 (17) Kurt Borton Creve Coeur MO 82 Fairmont 325 Ford
6 (15) John Brawley Granite City IL 93 S-10 355 Chevy
7 (10) Gary Tadlock Granite City IL 03 Corvette 346 Chevy
8 (10) Matt Mingus Florissant MO 62 Nova 355 Chevy
9 (10) Ryan Dunn O'Fallon MO 72 Nova 454 Chevy
10 (10) Denny Christman Arnold MO 91 Talon 122 Eagle

NOTE: Points toward the 2009 Street Car Shootout Series Season Championship are awarded on the basis of five (5) points for qualifying in the Super Sixteen field with one (1) bonus point awarded for qualifying in the top four positions. One (1) additional point is earned for each round win during eliminations. Ties are broken by (1) the earliest date upon which the final point total is earned, (2) quickest elapsed time recorded during the current SCSS season and (3) fastest speed recorded during the current SCSS season.


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Scott Keller St. Louis MO 87 231 Regal 0.371 12.230 109.78
RU Dan Harris St. Louis MO 04 232 Mustang (foul) 13.847 99.29

It took seven events but the 2009 St. Louis Street Racing.com Sport Tuner Showdown finally got its third different winner when Scott Keller broke the stranglehold put on the category since opening night by Brian Orsborn and Dan Harris. Keller also earned the first Sport Tuner victory for Buick since Tony Shoaff‘s record-setting October 14th victory in the final event of 2008.

Keller was one of three Tuner competitors who qualified for the Super Sixteen field. The St. Louisan’s white ‘87 Regal T-Type clocked a best of 12.36/107.90 and was followed by the nitrous oxide-aided 232-inch V6 Mustang of Harris who struggled in the poor atmospheric conditions with a 12.67/102.71 which was more than a half-second from his 12.15 career-best recorded during the May 19th event.

The third qualifier is one of the most unique stories in STSS racing. Since 2004, Jarrod Watkins has attended only one single SCSS event each season and June 10th was the lucky date in 2009. Watkins originally entered a 14.4-second Saturn Ion Redline and, last year, pulled through the gates with a silver 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution which then recorded a best of 13.64/102.49. Where’s the unique story? Each year, Watkins and his wife make the 600-mile drive from Anoka, Minnesota, (near Minneapolis), to St. Louis on vacation to visit Jarrod’s in-laws. Each year, however, he also manages to swing over to GIR for a night of racing. During this season‘s visit, Watkins’ turbocharged Evo blasted to a 12.91/106.99 during qualifying and ran an even stronger 12.85/107.93 in late timed trials. The rest of the field included Jim Garrison’s familiar orange ’04 Dodge Neon SRT-4, (13.27/109.99 backed up by a 13.27/110.05 in late timed trials), and Nicholas Mucci’s similar ‘04 Neon, (13.93/96.67).

Since Harris has clocked dozens of runs as quick as Keller’s qualifying effort, the final round appeared to be an even battle. However, a rare miscue by the past High School Eliminator season champion proved fatal when Harris left the starting line even before the third amber light on the Christmas Tree illuminated. Meanwhile, Keller was able to improve to a 12.23/109.78 which may have been enough to stop Harris regardless of the foul start. The victory was Keller’s second of his career which, incredibly, came exactly one year to the day after his first title on June 10th, 2008!
“I’m using the turbocharger from ‘D-Day’s’ engine last year”, said Keller, referring to past STSS winner and Six-Cylinder Record Holder David Day, during winner’s circle ceremonies. “It’s under 60mm in size but I can easily see this car in the mid-elevens pretty soon. We still have some glitches to be worked out but the car is showing progress just about every time we come out now”. As a side note, Keller’s crewchief, local Buick guru Jim Sickler, debuted yet another of his three-ton Buicks during the event. It’s not a 455-powered beast like his infamous eleven-second white Electra but a stock Buick 350-powered ‘77 Electra 225 which Sickler pushed to a 15.99 on its first run and eventually got a 15.89/87.86 timeslip!


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 93 355 S-10 0.286 10.872 123.28
RU Don Moore Pontoon Beach IL 91 468 S-10 (foul) Overstaged

On April 21st, Ray Arthur finally tasted victory when he piloted his “S-10 Revenge” to the title in the GatewayRaceway.com Super Truck Showdown. After years of competing with his equally well-known “Suspicion“ ‘67 Camaro in SCSS racing, he‘d been to ten final rounds but had never taken home the larger trophy. Now, the likeable owner of R&R Towing in Edwardsville, Illinois, can claim two titles at the wheel of what he considers his “secondary” team car.

Normally piloted by four-time winner and nine-time finalist John Brawley, Arthur decided to drive the naturally-aspirated smallblock ‘93 S-10 himself. “I tore down the engine in the Camaro because the weather forecast was so bad I never thought we’d be racing”, explained Arthur, “but, when I saw it wasn‘t raining at 5:00 PM, I figured I’d better just take the truck and try to get a few points if it decided not to rain at all”. His decision was a good one; Arthur was able to maintain his second-place point standing by qualifying the pickup in the Super Sixteen field.

Arthur wasn’t the quickest truck during qualifying. His best of 10.88/122.31 was almost a quarter-second slower than the truck’s best runs this season and it was Don Moore, long a regular entry in the Super Truck program, who outqualified Arthur with his nitrous-aided bigblock-powered ‘91 S-10 with a 10.75/120.01 career-best. Moore, from nearby Pontoon Beach, Illinois, had originally campaigned a thirteen-second ’94 Silverado and debuted his black S-10 last season with an 11.29/117.72 best. Moore entered several SCSS events this year but was testing the truck with slicks. After returning to D.O.T. tires, he clocked his first ten-second, 120 mph lap on street rubber.

Arthur accepted the offer to run as an alternate in the Street Car Shootout as well as running for the Super Truck trophy and, in a first-round loss to Curtis Paulfrey, improved to a 10.72/122.49. By the time he staged up for the Super Truck final round, however, the yellow-and-orange pickup was running a tad hot. Amazingly, Moore pre-staged and, with one final tap of the throttle as he pulled into the second beam, rolled past the starting line and drew a redlight start for being overstaged. Arthur cruised to an uncontested 10.87/123.28 for his second victory.

“That stuff happens!”, shrugged Moore as he accepted his first Super Truck finalist trophy in front of the main grandstands. “I decided to switch back to street tires because I had already worn out the slicks and I wanted to do some actual racing again. The truck ran great but the driver needed a tune-up. I won’t let that happen again!”.

Photos of the June 10th Street Car Shootout Series event are now available for viewing at Bret Kepner Photos.com.


Tim “Moose” Mallicoat, Collinsville, IL 1968 565 Camaro


Curtis Paulfrey, Brighton, IL 1968 502 Camaro


Scott Keller, St. Louis, MO 1987 231 Regal


Dan Harris, St. Louis, MO 2004 232 Mustang


Ray Arthur, Edwardsville, IL 1993 355 S-10


Don Moore, Pontoon Beach, IL 1991 468 S-10
Score another win for the good guys.

Besides the bad air, I think there is something more not right with my car. Data shows it just wasn't shifting right. Trans might be coming out again before I'm back in the staging lanes... :frown: