1986 Turbo regal Stage 2 street strip 8 second car


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Car has been mini tubed and has certified cage to 8.50. The car still retains a full interior but no A/C. Manual steering and Manual brakes.

Brakes are Aerospace brakes pro-street vented on front and rear with a Dual caliper rear setup.

Drivetrain – Strange Ford 9” with 35 spline axles, Strange iron case w/spool and 3.70 gears. Double adjustable AFCO shocks. Rear tires are 31x14x15 street tires. Morrison Ladder bar suspension with Heim joints.
TH400 transmission with CK Trans brake and many high strength billet internals, 36 element 7075 Aluminum direct drum, Aluminum 7075 front drum and PTC converter. Rollerized rear tailshaft w/special billet hardened yoke.
Front suspension has Autofab tubular upper and lower control arms with AFCO double adjustable coilover shocks.

Engine – 272 Stage 2 block with Stage 2 heads. Block is one of the later castings with the BB Chevy rear main seal and 4 bolt mains. 1.55 T&D rockers and very high lift aggressive solid roller cam. Compression is 10:1 with Titanium 6.5 Crower connecting rods. Crank is Billet Crower 3.59 stroke. Danny B belt drive and custom pulley setup and single stage Peterson pump. Cooling is handled by a remote Mezzeri water pump and aluminum radiator with a single fan and custom shroud. The Intake is a really nice sheetmetal intake that has all the appropriate provisions for thermostat and all the XFI sensors. Ignition is handled by the Coil Near Plug(CNP) XIM module and triggered with a custom 60-2 trigger wheel mounted to the balancer. The coils used are the supper powerful IGN1 coils with Firecore 50 wires. The charging system has been updated to support the 16 volts battery and the 16 volt battery has a 12 volt post with the ignition system powered from the 12 volt post.
Headers are custom 302-304 stainless with 1/2 thk. stainless flanges. Forward facing headers with v-band stainless exhaust housing. These headers are truly a work of art and all the spark plugs can be accessed easily and headers removed easily if need be. If you ever had a set of ATR headers you would know how valuable this is.
Turbo is a Bullseye performance Borg Warner based 88mm compressor with 96/88mm turbine. Exhaust housing is v-band stainless.
Fuel and data management is all FAST XFI with XIM and DASH data logger. EGT module, GPS, and thermocouple add-on modules are included. At least 7 analog pressure sensors are installed throughout the engine and transmission. Fuel is supplied by Aeromotive in-tank 5.0 gearpump and 225# injectors. The fuel cell is a custom 15 gal. stainless steel with all the appropriate baffling. Completely compatible with E98 or methanol. Fuel system is also equipped with a flex fuel sensor.
The intercooler is a custom built unit with a dual vertical pass flow, 6" thk. Bell core. Supply tubing is 4" from the core to the 90mm Accufab TB.
Body is all steal except for fiberglass bumpers and aluminum supports. Paint and body are in excellent condition using PPG paint. Color is remixed code 79 dark red (Burgundy).
$45,000 firm
If interested, please PM me
Allan Gorneault

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I've seen it in person years ago.... Crazyness!!!!!! GLWS!!!... Mike
Someone looking to build a car like this for the same money.........

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA......... Just try.

I dare ya!

It'll be twice that cost for this race car, minimum.

Then again, YOU didn't build it, sooooooo.......It's a race car, and race cars WILL break.

On the surface, the positives WAY out weigh the negatives.

Buyer beware, but it seems legit to me.

If I had the scratch, this beauty would be in my stable, but I'm a broke dick, barely hanging on, TB owner, just like most of us....... LOL
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BTW, what WTF is "mini tubed" in post one........ :)

Asking for a friend.... :devil: