Whats this stage 2 pro-street, 1400hp car worth?


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Feb 10, 2005
Going to look at it in the morning. An older guy bought it new and over time , had it built. Its never be fired. Was built by a chassis shop in Chicago. Engine built by the guys at precision turbo, back when they built engines. Full tube chassis, 7.5 cert. Was just an 86 buick back when new, not a GN.9" rear aluminum center by strange, 4.30 gears, 4.0 stage 2 with stage 2 heads, dry sump stefs, fiber glass nose, doors hood, all lexan, spc intake 90mm tb, bruno/ lenco 3 sp trans, custom turbo, air to water, 160 lb inj, new paint. Can drive on street with its headlights and turn signals. At 2600 lb, should be a 7 sec car. Just needs ecu and a tune. The shop closed down and he had to go get it, not totally finished. Been sitting for like 10 years now. He isn't gonna get around to it and has offered it up for sale to me. I'd like to buy it and finish it up. Not sure what a fair price is to pay for it. And once running, what's a good price for me to sell it at? I'm a mopar guy and don't know the buick market. So I appreciate any advice


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It might go $25-35K if the cert is still good. or can easily be recertified. Might be able to low ball but chassis and paint ain't cheap. As far as the Buick specific stuff, it is OLD but stage 2 things hold value for the right buyer. Never fired? Not really sure how that even works.
Go look it over an make your offer. Can't be too large and audience. Might get it might have to negotiate or even walk away.

Economy is slowing so if seller wants a sale it falls on them to make it happen.
Just needs ecu and a tune
"I'm a mopar guy and don't know the buick market".
A suggestion: Take an experienced turbo Buick guy with you.
I can assure you it's a LOT more than just an ecm and a tune!
He has receipts for everything. He has $125k into it. Unfortunately i don't know any buick guys! When I go today, I will take pictures and have more details. I used to drag race fox body turbo mustangs in the 1200 hp area. I builtvthe cars myself. So I am knowledgeable on what exactly it will need to be finished. I just don't know the value of buicks. It's definitely a smaller market and I would be looking to flip it.
Fliping it ... I'd want a deal. Very limited market. Buick stuff is starting to go back to stock type cars . Here is one on BAT..
It's worth what the right buyer will pay for it. No more, no less.

Lots of old tech there. Cool car, though.
I appreciate the help!
I checked it out. Sad to see such a build never fire.
Needs a turbo. Battery and ecu. Needs fluids. Needs to be cleaned up. Some cosmetic stuff. The fiberglass hood has some damage. The rear factory rubber bumper material is falling apart. Tires are aged out. Alot of braided hose. Probably needs to be changed due to age , even if never had fluid in them . Bruno trans with lenco is nice and $$$ . Engine has sat for 10+ years. That's the scary part. Probably needs to be opened up and inspected. Maybe new valve springs. Very expensive engine build. He said it was built to Rev to 10,500 rpm with 32 psi of boost. Is that POSSIBLE? 4.1 liter stage 2 block. . I'd love to hear that!
He's asking $30k. I'm thinking $10-15k to have it freshened up, buttoned up and all the above listed items replaced. Is it worth 40-45k after? Maybe. For the right buyer. But all that work to break even isn't worth it to me. Even at 20k buy price, 30-35k all in running, it still may not be an easy sell. At 20k purchase price, parting it out would net a profit. 7k trans, 13k engine, 10k chassis. Any other thoughts or ideas? I gotta tell him yes or no and my price this week.


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It's sad to say but the market for a V6 powered race car which is for all intents and purposes an unfinished project is very small. They'll have a hard time selling it even at pennies on the dollar. It would probably make most sense to sell the car and engine separately.

The one I posted on BAT only got up to $27k. And a lot of people are not fond of Yellow. Good Luck ... Be carefull
I had a yellow car once. It was a ticket magnet & it wasn't even fast.
I can tell you that intake is one of 3 made. It will need a new lid as the original was to thin. I had one and blew the lid off. I had Wilson since there local to me make me a new thicker version. Robbie gave me the run down on the intake and when he made them. Pretty cool to finally see the 3rd one.