$650 BNIB Forged 4340 Steel 3.625" Stroke Crankshaft AND SFI Neutral Balance Flexplate, Plus shipping. BN Rebuilt PTE 6765 $600 by WORK


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Aug 14, 2004
Hey Guys,

I really need to sell some stuff, and I have 4 of these crankshafts and corresponding flexplates lying around collecting dust.

These are the "RPS", aka "Zimmerman" aka "Arizona GN" aka "Designed by Turbo Lou, Zimmerman Engines, and Nick Micale" crankshaft.

This BRAND NEW. I bought a bunch of these at once, and of the ones left, I am selling them because I need to recoup whatever funds I can get at this point.

The $650+shipping is for a BNIB forged 4340 steel, 3.625" stroke, narrow journal, internally balanced (still requires balancing) crankshaft AND a SFI-approved neutral balance flexplate.

I have 4 of these stroker crank+flexplate combos, and I have 1 3.400" stroke+flexplate combo as well, in case anyone is interested.

I am trying to sell these to help pay for some moving costs I incurred a while back, that I'd like to finish paying off.

I will work out deals if multiple cranks are purchased.

I will also provide huge discounts if you need new connecting rods as well (as the main guy for RPS, I still am a dealer for Molnar, SCAT, and Carrillo. Along with JE Pistons, CP Pistons, Wiseco, Racetec, and Ross pistons if anyone is looking for a complete rotating assembly).

Please see the images I attached for photos of the crank.

I also have a BRAND NEW REBUILT PTE billet 6765 billet journal bearing turbo, freshly rebuilt by Reed at WORK Turbo with all the top-tier parts; billet 360 degree severe duty thrust bearing, 3-axis balancing, all parts blueprinted, ceramic coated turbine housing, and a Garrett backplate. This turbo has a 3" inlet, 2" outlet, "E" compressor cover. I believe the compressor and turbine housings are both .63 AR housings.

I currently do not have pics, but I can obtain them from WORK upon your request. Please know this turbo would normally go for at least $800+ with the same parts, but because I am looking to move some product to get some money out of it, I am happy to take $600+shipping for the turbo.

If you have interest in either of these things, my cell number is 707 362 6030 and my email address is 1987GN@gmail.com if you would like to contact me to ask any questions.

I am hoping to sell this stuff as quick as possible.

I also have 2 BNIB MS3 Plug and Play units that I am trying to sell, however they do NOT have a startup tune in them. Due to this, I'm selling these BRAND NEW MS3 Plug and Play units for $1,150 SHIPPED. It comes with the Tunerstudio tuning software and license, but it does NOT come with a startup tune, which is why I have discounted the price $300 for this brand new ECM.

Please contact me if you have any interest or questions on any of these items.

I am also happy to make package deals with these parts and some of my Black Friday Special promo items, if that is what you're looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread!

707 362 6030


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Money received!

I will be contacting WORK Tomorrow to have it shipped out to you. I will send you a PM with an update after I speak with them.

Thank you!
Hey Guys,

I hope you are all having a GREAT Thanksgiving!

I wanted to update this thread:

*1 of the MS3 PnP units have sold. I have 1 left.
*The PTE 6765 has sold
*The price of the "RPS" crank and flexplate is now $700, NOT $650

The WORK G4S 6465 Dual Ball Bearing and G4S 6765 DBB, a long with the water lines and oil feed fitting, are on special for $1,700 plus shipping. This is only until the end of the month.
Dude I really want a ms3 setup so HMU so we can work something out bud . Talk to you soon