700r4 rebuild question


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ive done a few trannys before a 350 and 3 2004rs ive been given a 700r4 from a truck to rebuild, my question is can you get away with out any real fancy tools (like the ones meant for the job) i can do all 2004rs with out the spring compressor but i know the th350 has the reverse clutch pack piston and springs in the back of the case. Should i be able to do this transmission with out the tools? And on that note were is a place to buy tranny tools? Thanks
It comes easier when you have the special tools. I have the lip seal installers for the 700 that help make the forward and overrun clutch piston installs easier. I do have the spring compressors to get the rest done, but have done them with only the lip seal "wire" tools or feeler guages. Just make sure no seals are torn, clearances are good and endplays are all in check. I also get all my stuff from Hayden Trans Tool, only our Matco tools guy can get the parts for me (our strap on tools guy comes by once every 6-7 months so I don't buy from him) for a reasonable price.