77 Trans Am

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May 3, 2005
I’m selling this car for a friend of mine. Below is the write up he gave me to share with you. He had brain injury that left him in a wheel chair and has left his speech a little hard to understand at times. So as a favor to him I’m going to post his ad where I can and answer any questions you may have. If I can’t answer them we can email him for more details. I have several pics of the car, if there is something you’d like to see just let me know. He’s asking $14,500 and will consider offers. I’m sorry but no trades as he is no longer able to drive. The car is located in Des Moines, IA if you’d like to come look at it. It has a clear title and no loan so it’s available immediately. Please contact me at 515-321-4836 ask for Jay. You can also email me at jayrj33s@yahoo.com however calling is the quickest way to contact me.
I bought the car 10 years ago. This car has been my baby since the day I got it. I keep it in my garage with the car cover on it when it’s not in use. The older gentleman I purchased it from only put about 2,000 miles on the car. He wanted to turn his attention towards a car that he could work on more. My car didn’t need anything so he decided to sell it to get a project type car. Since I’ve owned it, I put about 16,000 miles on it in. As you can see it was my sunny day/weekend cruiser car. About 3 years ago I decided I wanted a little more power so I built a 455 for it. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into the engine. I wanted something that had more horsepower and torque but also needed it to be extremely reliable. You can see by the list below I didn’t go wild with the combinations I chose. I got the exact engine I wanted. I can go outside and it starts right up, idles great, drives even better. We just took it on the cruise to the Woods a few months ago and it drove great. I did have to buy a new transmission earlier this year. I replaced it with a new tranny from Aamco. It’s a TH350 with a 2,400-2,800 RPM stall & shift kit both B & M.

The body and paint was done two years ago by a friend of mine that owns a body shop. We have pictures available of the car before it was painted. The car was straight and rust free when we started, but the paint was old and fading. The body was stripped down to bare metal to verify no rust was there. The car was under coated at the dealership and you can tell it worked! PPG self etching primer was used over the entire car for corrosion protect ant, so the body will last at least another 30 years. Then the PPG sealer was laid down over the entire car. Next came the base coat of House of Kolors Porcelain White. This white is very bright and will have heads turning every where you go. It’s a very clean color and is the brightest white available. Next were 4 coats of PPG clear followed by wet sanding and buffing the entire car for a finish that is smooth as glass. This car is very nice the blue interior flows well with the bright white paint and the chrome wheels just add to the pop!

Overall this is a beautiful, reliable car that will make someone VERY HAPPY!
So the questions on your minds is why did I build this car exactly the way I wanted it dumped all this money into the engine, transmission, and paint work? Well in September of 2005 I suffered a life changing brain injury. Since then I’ve been unable to walk, or drive. It’s hard for me to open the garage and see my car sitting there not being used. But it’s also going to be extremely difficult to let it go. Even though I love the car very much it’s hard to let the wife drive me around in it. I want to be the one manning the wheel! But it’s harder knowing the car is out there in my garage and I can’t drive it. So I’ve made up my mind to let her go. I know you won’t be disappointed in my car; you’ll enjoy it for several years just as I have. If there’s anything you want to know please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This is a list of what it has.

1972 455 from a Bonneville bored 30 over
stock block, crank, & rods w/ARP bolts
all ARP bolts & studs throughout
forged Speedpro pistons
Total Seal rings
Melling oil pump & pickup
Comp cam and lifters (230 degrees duration and .488 lift intake 236 .490 exhaust)
Edelbrock timing chain
Stock pushrods, oilpan
Windage tray w/added drain holes
6x-4 heads (mildly ported) 9.7 to 1 compression
Crane springs (good up to .510 lift)
Harlan Sharp 1.5 roller rockers and poly locks
Edelbrock Elite valve covers
Performer RPM intake
Speed Demon 750 carb
Shaker cut down to fit intake w/Edelbrock Pro-Flo air filter inside
1 5/8” headers
all mandrel bent exhaust tubing
Flowmaster Delta Flo’s
Stainless steel tips
160 degree thermostat
factory 4 core radiator
Electric fan with thermostat
brand new tranny (th350) w/2,400-2,800 RPM stall & shift kit (both B & M)
factory posi w/3.23’s
Competition Engineering subframe connectors
Cragar Street Star wheels (15x8 front 15x10 rear BFG’s 245 60/15’s & 295 50/15’s)
Hurst Dualgate shifter w/T handle

I have the original radio, floormats, spare tire w/inflator bottle, jack, speaker grills, AC compressor, chrome valve covers, wheels w/lugnuts, shifter, and snowflake wheels.

I installed a Pioneer stereo, Alpine 35x2 amp, and 2 Sony 6x9’s (I didn’t cut the dash to put the stereo in)






I haven't tried to many sites right now. I have a guy pretty interested but we all know how that goes.
I'm gonna run it on Ebay next week and see what happens. His price is REALLY flexible so I think it will move on Ebay