78 & 80 Regal part out


Unsure of the correct place to post this but I am looking for the ambition to part out these two. The red 78 is a factory 4-speed 3.8 with steel moonroof. I will be keeping the seats & dash cluster along with wheels and window trim. It runs and drives but is so rusty the frame is broke in the center of the car. The 80 sport coupe I will be keeping the intake & plenum along with the front nose assembly. The carb is still there but linkage is froze. Again super rusty and the engine is stuck. Hopefully someone can get some good from the rest before I decide to scrap. Honestly would prefer them taken them away whole. Have titles. Six four one 373 six seven zero two.
Wish you were closer. I see several things on the '78 I could use. I'm looking for various parts for a red interior and some outside trim. There is a good chance the trunk lid and bumper supports are aluminum on that car too and they're getting hard to find. You should also check for an aluminum radiator core support on both cars.
78 has aluminum supports front & rear. Both have rear sway bars but different from each other in design. No aluminum radiator supports. Notice the ignition release lever but no tilt. They better be worth more than scrap. I try to get most good out of them before I let the local dirt racers get them.