Rainier GNX


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Feb 25, 2018

2004 Buick Rainier GNX
2004 Buick Rainier GNX
  • 1 of 1
  • General Motors concept prototype
  • Out of GM’s factory museum
  • +600hp Supercharged V-8
  • Borla Exhaust
  • Only 21,587 miles
  • Sold on Bill of Sale only (No Title)
MotoeXotica is pleased to announce our latest addition, a one of one Buick Rainier GNX concept prototype. Released by General Motors in 2007 during their bankruptcy, they needed to show good faith that General Motors was trying to obtain money from their assets. Since the federal government passed legislation to “bailout” General Motors with billons of federal tax money, there needed to be an effort on General Motors part to sell their assets and recoup some money. Thus they decided to sell numerous cars out of their factory museum, including this Buick Rainer GNX. Sold originally to Coury Buick in Mesa the dealership used the car for display and promotional opportunities. It was never sold publicly at the dealership because it is an actual concept car and has no title nor can it be driven on public roads. However since it is a concept prototype, it’s the only existing model in the world. It would complement any Regal GNX, or Grand National owners collection and be a bragging point that no other collector could ever own in the world!
General Motors basically took their Buick Rainier SUV platform and tied it back to Buicks iconic muscle car the Regal GNX. Keeping true to the original GNX didn’t seem to be a priority however; the Regal GNX was powered by a V-6 turbocharged engine. This Rainier, however is powered by a Magnuson supercharged 5.3 LM 4 all alluminum block and head V-8 which General Motors claims to make north of 600 horsepower. The massive amount of power is managed through an all-wheel drive system, similar to the Trailblazer SS. New custom chrome wheels were added along with a complete Borla exhaust system; giving the Rainier GNX a very healthy muscle car tone. With the Borla exhaust paired with the Magnuson roots style supercharger, this car sounds amazing and is truly something special.
GNX Supercharged badges adorn both front doors, as well as, the rear tailgate and instrument cluster. The interior was custom upholstered in black and grey two-tone leather seats, which are in very good condition. The exterior is also in good condition but the luggage rack has some damage and the front bumper has some minor cracks.
General Motors put an entirely new gauge cluster with GNX badging inside, letting the driving know that this Rainier is something special. Finally they installed a DVD, TV, and navigation screen in the center console, that otherwise would never be found on any other Rainier. Along with a DVD entertainment system mounted to the ceiling to entertain the back passengers.With a hundred percent confidence this Rainier GNX is one-of-a-kind!
What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to own a GM museum piece that otherwise would never see the public’s eye if the company hadn’t gone through financial hardships. GET OUT AND DRIVE!!!!!
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VIN 5GAET13P8420029EX- Note the “EX” in the VIN for Experimental. Sold on Bill of Sale ONLY, with No Title.
Very cool SUV! I was disappointed to find it had a supercharged V8 and not a turbo V6, though...
Major problem is that it could not be registered. Notice the EX at the end of the serial number.