79, preceding the gn, Sport Coupe build

I know everyone is holding their breath to find out if I got the engine back in the car today. Well exhale and catch a breath. Its in and mated to the trans, but that's it. In a few days I'll put in the starter in so I can bolt the flex plate to the converter. Engine is so tight I want to use the starter in stead of a breaker bar to turn it. Yep, you guessed it, I put the plugs in and want to do it with electricity. OK, take another deep breath and hold it for only two more weeks. Insurance is due then and I intend to have it on the road.
OK. I don't know if this is important or not but in case it is I would like to know which goes where. The cooler lines on the 350 trans I have are above one another behind the starter on the trans casing. Does it matter which one goes to the top inlet of the radiator? Thanks
Thanks hensleyt ! Where the cooler lines go in and out of the 350 trans I have are above one another behind the starter on the trans casing. Do you know which one of those holes is the pressured one to the radiator? Upper or lower? Thanks
Thanks hensleyt! I was afraid I was going to have to start her up and see where it shot out. Now I have to fish the lines back through because I forgot to put them back before I dropped the engine back in. I realized my mistake when I was putting the starter in. I weigh 121 and that starter weighs 122. Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate it and I aint through yet LOL.
A little tip: Put all trans cooler lines back before reinstalling the engine. Another tip: Summit sells great flexible trans cooler hoses.
Put the carb, plenum and turbo in as one unit today. There has to be a better way! I finally got the thing installed but that oil return that comes on the stock 79 unit, well, I got it done.
I guess I've missed my mark on when I wanted this build on the road. If the weather gives me a break it should start in a couple of days, LOL. You would do better betting on the stock market.


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I've always installed the turbo and plenum together and put the carb on later.

The oil return can be a super pain. I don't like the '79 set up. The flexible line and grommet used from 1980 and on is much easier, but you need to make sure the grommet is big enough. Many aftermarket grommets are too small.