80 Malibu Wagon

It looks nice a cool project you are working on. I had a '80 malibu wagon 20 years ago that I wanted to
make into a nice street machine. The farthest I got was a 350, 300hp motor put in and a set of cragar
SS wheels. There was a guy running around here in MN last year that made his wagon into a 2 door!
It was cool
as hell! Nice follow along story, keep it going. (y)
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Are you going to paint it black or white again? I need to call Jimmy about some help with something on a new Grand National I just picked up.
Body will be white I'm tired of keeping black cars clean. Not that white is much better but its the best color against the dark blue interior.

Give him a call (610) 721-4695
Any movement on this project?
Not much :( 2014 had me to busy to get much done. I just picked up on it again, doors are in the works to be finished and jammed in and back on the car hopefully end of March then I'll move onto the tailgate & front end. My new years resolution was to get the car done in 2015. Hopefully I can make that happen.
Does anyone want to buy this car and finish it? I have no time to dedicate to it, its just sitting here begging to live again :(
All of my free time for project's and funding is currently wrapped up in my daughter's race program.

Message me if interested