80 Malibu Wagon

Small update.

Lots of work has been done to the body, no pics, but the roof is ready for paint. The holes in the floor, firewall have been repaired.

I got back to working on the chassis again today. I decided to install the rear rather then finish up the front suspension to get the rear out of the middle of the garage. More room to move now :D

More pics here: Malibu pictures by turbo231 - Photobucket
Havent done an update here in a long while. Still working on the car progress has been slow.

Stopped by the body shop they have the lower quarter panels just about finished up. Its all still in rough metal work form.
Still have to address some rear glass jamb rot, and some body mount repairs are needed but by the end of march they say they will be done metal work and have the body sealed, and in primer so we can put it back on the frame hopefully in mid April.


Lower quarters are in welded up, new flush mount LED marker lights cut in and quarters are in filler.

New fuel door is tacked in place, one piece to fill in yet

The tail gate has been modified, it rough metal needs finish and filler but the hard parts done. I will have a 3rd brake light in the pocket above the license plate and the plate will be lit with 2 small LED's

Starting the hood next adding the Turbo Regal hood bulge.

Flush mount markers just about complete. Fitting the lens and another skim coat of filler needed around the lens then final sanding. Next the body shell goes into full primer, blocking, etc...

Primer time

Still chipping away at the hood

Interior of the body shell was finished up yesterday, final welds complete metal was etched, seams primed, seam sealed today it gets paint.

Body mount behind the pass side rear tire was repaired

Ant I snapped a shot of the rear of the new fuel fill a few people had asked how it fit in there.

Etched and painted

Thanks, here is the latest.

Its getting closer to coming off the rotisserie, still needs to be undercoated. Some final primer/sealer in the jamb's and then the jambs, rockers, and glass opening area's will all be cut in before going back on the chassis. Hopefully by the end of September it will be back on the chassis and we can then get some doors ready and hung & work on the front end metal and finish up the tailgate and get it painted already.

its now undercoated with the spray on bedliner stuff. Had to scuff the por15 then etch prime for the bedloner material to work correctly. I dont plan on taking in the water but they say it should float now.

Minor things to finess and then it gets cut in then back onto the chassis.



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Oct 4, 2004
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I fckn hate when people do these frame off's........

makes me feel so lazy...:) you have great skills and she looks awesome..hope it falls off the freakin rottisorie ---j/k im jealous..:D

Also can you tell me who refurbished the Stock T wheels,,look awesome...they for sale..
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