'82 GN Turbo spotted?


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Aug 30, 2001
I think I just saw an '82 turbo GN today. It is located in Tucson AZ and is in excellent condition. I am not an expert on the B4Black GN's or any GN actually since I only have a TTA, but it really stood out to me. It was the grey and charcoal paint with BUICK on the 1/4 panels and a turbo bulge hood with "turbo 3.8 liter" on the bulge and Grand National emblems on the front fenders. I should have written down the VIN as it was parked in a parking lot (couldn't find the owner) but it slipped my mind (sorry). The only thing about the car that wasn't right were the 20" rims and tires but they could be changed. The seats were leather charcoal centers with grey twead on the outsides (at least that is how I would describe them) and were in nearly perfect condition. The paint also looked new and there were no dings or scratches and shined great. If anyone knows anything about this car please let me know.
Actually it did kinda look like that except it wasn't slammed, the rims almost made it look raised.

I looked at the registry and if it is that car then the registry needs to be updated to show it as excellent condition.

Not trying to be racist or anything but I would have to assume it is owned by someone if hispanic descent by looking at the rims, it is still a beautiful car though.
I wouldn't call anybody a racist. There are plenty of Regals( Cutlass and B-Bodies too) running around down here in Florida with 20's and 22-26 wheels on them. Instead of a lowering kit I think you need a lift kit or hydralics to keep the wheels from rubbing. One of these guys once tried to explain to me that the idea is to take a car that represents the middle class and turn it into a statement that says" the Man aint keep'n me down" or something like it. Boy I hope this guy doesn't totally ruin the GN by spraying gold metal flake or some tacky paint on it. Those type of guys can really screw up a good car. A day doesn't go by that one of them doesn't stop at my house wanting to buy one of my project cars sitting in the driveway. Good luck on trying to convince the owner to ditch the 20's.

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Originally posted by Freddie's Buick
Most of the Regals I see around here are funky metalic colored, dropped way low with tiny wheels bulging out from their fender flares. UHG! :eek:

I've even seen quite a few with custom convertible tops, funky shiny chrome rims and tires as big as those on SUV's. What a horrific sight. :mad: The teens out here love them. (Reminds me of my teen years on 60's Chevy Impalas and Caprices). :rolleyes:

Nope....not racist...just human. :D I don't think it's a hispanic thing though....it's just that we here at the before black forum come from a different time. It may be quite possible however that the folks ruining these cars are from another planet....:rolleyes:

But in all fairness....beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. One man's garbage is another man's treasure....or something like that! :cool: