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  • Hi turbofish can you help me get the rpo code for my car all I have is a build sheet with a few options and of cthe vin # the guy I bought the car from removed it when he painted the car and missed placed it need help to get it replaced thanks
    hi eric, i recently got my build sheet from the archives and im trying to find RPO code VQ1 its some type of SPEC FLEET ALLOWANCE also fleet code 511 can you help with this. thanks, chris
    Hello Eric. I used to see your posts all over the place, but it appears to have been a couple of months since your last one. I hope everything is OK. Good luck, and I look forward to your continued shared knowledge. Merry Christmas.
    hello Eric. My nane is Victor. I saw your post about the boneyards. I'm new to the Orlando area & was wondering if you could let me know about those 6 good u-pull it boneyards around here. Thanks. All the Best, -Victor
    Where the heck have you been hiding Eric. Send me a PM on what's going on. Dave (DD) gave me some info but I want to make sure everything's ok.
    I'm in the process of refreshing my '85 Turbo Riv for my son.
    The tranny has been rebuilt engine is out and heads have been refreshed
    Do you have any recommendations or advise regarding upgrades, improvements, etc., while everything is out? I want to keep it as original (appearing) as possible, but would like to maximize performance (duh, who wouldn't :) ?).
    Anyway any advise you could send my way would be greatly appreciated!
    ps: sorry for any typo's I just had eye surgery yesterday & everything looks goofy!
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