83 lb Program


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May 25, 2001
I'm going to a new setup with the sheetmetal intake and 83 lb injectors (presently have 55# and stock lower intake). By any chance does anyone have an 83 lb program I can take a look at to see if I should just start over with a new program, or tweak the 55# program. Is there still that FTP site there used to be a year or so ago that had some programs from people? I'm ALWAYS looking for programs to try and make mine better.

Thank You. If you have an example, PLEASE e-mail it to me at tazinhawaii@hotmail.com

Thank You.
i may be coming off wrong but this is just a common sense question: if you have invested all that money on a dfi/ fast box, a sheetmetel intake, why would you borrow another persons program or " tweak" your 55 program instead of doing it right and getting the car tuned on a chassis dyno?

Unfortunately, I live in Hawaii. The only Dyno I know of out here is a motorcycle dyno down the street. :( And I haven't had the car running consistently for one reason or another to get CONSIDERABLE time to tune everything out. And there aren't many (if ANY) people out here that have any real experience with tuning a DFI system out here. So, I just want to get any info/help I can. I'm DEFINITELY not a pro at tuning the system. In fact I would say I feel completely clueless on it. But like most things, I fumble through it and learn over time (something the wife never seems to understand in life.)

Well the good news is that with the FAST you don't need a dyno. I'd say keep tweaking your existing program. All you've really changed is the VE a bit, plus the inj size. You'll need to modify the VE table, inj size and a few items that are in terms of pulsewidth, like cranking fuel.