' 84 - '85 CCCI Parts availability


May 24, 2001
Wanted to start a fresh thread here from the one I just posted.

Engine was freshly built with all new parts.
Hydraulic Roller cam, Morel roller lifters, Harland sharp roller rockers, Rollmaster roller timing chain, Champion irons, 2 Steel caps, etc.
Has been sitting on engine stand sealed up for a bit. Finally got around to getting it back in the car (long story for another time) and did the usual oil pump prime and set cam sensor, and fired it up. Noticed a loud clacking sound and shut it down immediately.
Pulled of DS valve cover and noticed # 5 intake rocker had a ton of play with the pushrod, and the rest seemed to be ok.
Slowly bumped the engine over and saw that, that lifter wasn't coming up like the rest of them, but would eventually rise.
Wondered if it just needed to pump up with oil pressure, so cut the top off an old tin valve cover, and put it on and tightened the lash on the rocker just enough to make sure the push rod would seat in the rocker cup, and fired up the engine again. Was expecting to see a lot of oil flowing through the top but nothing really?
Video of attached

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Second video of actual rocker play against pushrod that was lashed down to keep the pushrod from flopping around.
Is this leaning towards being a defective lifter? Any options or fixed before I have to pull the intake off?
Johnson short travel lifters, have heard nothing but good things about them