84/85 downpipes


83' T-type
Jun 4, 2001
The downpipes made for the 84/85 cars will they fit our cars?
Or could they be easily modified to be used with our cars? (S&S Turboregal makes a 2.5 downpipe for 84/85 models) Also what about getting a muffler shop to make a 3 inch down pipe would it be possible to make it good enough by a muffler shop and still have no restriction?(anyone tried?) Which would be best to do?

I had Eric Rankin make one for me about 6 years ago. He made it out of stainless 2.5" all mandrell bends except one , but it is a mild turn at that bend .

He made it a two piece using a 3" collector so it can be removed.

If I get the car to work tomorrow I take a picture.

To answer your question , I good muffler shop can make you one. has for the "84-85" I'm not sure.
Good luck in your hunt for a downpipe. Making your own DP has been discussed a lot in the hotair section. Until recently there wasn't much available for us. Basically, most people agreed it can be done but costs can easily get into the $300 range if you want a mandrel bent pipe. It's actually cheaper to buy one from a vendor. Are there no aftermarket DPs available for the carbed cars?

I know an 84-85 DP won't just bolt up, the elbow on the turbos are at a different angle from what I remember.