84 buick Regal limited

so for the past few years i have been working on this buick on and off and in between school semesters. I bought the car for $100 and drug it out her driveway with a tow strap. The engine had a spun bearing and i never even started it.

Drivetrain: Its an 84 buick regal, but i swapped a complete Lc2 drive train out of an 87 buick turbo regal. Along with the drivetrain i swapped over the F.I tank and ran fuel fuel lines for the F.I set up vs carbed. My radiator was in terrible shape so i figured this would be a good time to upgrade to the alum F-body v8 radiator.

Body: I wanted something unique and also a sleeper. I always liked the one piece sealed beam 88 cutlass front end and 83 and older buick regal tail lights. So i swapped them on. I shaved the cutlass front bumper and also replaced my rotted doors, pulled the vinyl roof, swapped on slick-top 1/4 windows

Interior: The interior in the car was moldy and the chick was a smoker, It woulda been drawlin to re-used that stuff. I wanted to keep it column shift and re-used the 87 t-type steering wheel so i swapped 60/40 leather seats from a 91buick le saber and used some non power monte seat brackets. Also took this time to swap in my 87 Turbo t Grey door panels and interior trim panels. I also swapped over to the concert Sound II so i had to cut the non concert doors.

Suspension/steering: The stock regal suspension wouldnt do so i threw a 3rd gen WS6 larger diameter hollow front sway bar up front and kept the GN upper and lower control arms w GN swap bar out back W/ the gn 8.5 rear. I also used this time to throw on some new rear coils and an air bag to help w/ launches. I saw kirban sold frame braces for the fenders and un-body but im poor, so went to the U-pull it and yanked some fender braces from a cutlass (mine bolted up since im usein cutty fenders) and grand prix frame braces. Originally i was gonna spring for a 3rd gen fbody steering bow but i eventually decided to re-use my GN one.

This month i finally got it painted @ a local maaco, they let me do all the labor @ their facility and even let me use all their tool, supplies and best of all...AC lol. I still need a regal rear bumpers, rear filler panels, hook up the tranny cooler and oil cooler, a 2 1/2 exhaust, replace carpet/dye old carpet? swap power seat brackets, swap in nicer 91 park ave seats, replace ebrake cables but plans are to box the u/lCA, 4.1 Turbo budget build, Swap in a grand Prix Dash so i can run some real gauges and swap over some 16x8 alum s10 wheels, a/c and climate control but heres how she stands now....pics are from current to where i brought her from


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