84 gn with 6 fuel lines?wth?


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Nov 16, 2002
so having fuel issues forever.take off adj regulator to put stock one on and should be 26#'s right?still 50 #s and un adjustable.Have a friend turn key on and fuel coming in from pass side fuel rail and out the regulator bung on fuel rail! wow! thats backwards right?there are 6 lines under the car and dont know whats what.

have to start over with new lines.What size are what?largest to fuel regulator 1st right?and passenger side fuel rail and line eventually goes to the return and tank?Please help..

84 gn with 86 swap done before i got it.Fuel lines on both frame rails??
ttt anybody?-fuel feed is to the fuel regulator 1st right?has to be.anybody know what size lines are an exact match for fuel pump,return and regulator?
The regulator is at the end of the fuel rail on the driver side of the intake. It controls how much is returned to the tank. Feed line goes to the passenger side of the intake.

You should have 3 fuel lines...1 feed, 1 return, and one that goes from the gas tank to the charcoal evaporator canister. Make sure you aren't confusing brake and transmission lines with fuel lines.

Edit: This is how it should be if the conversion was done correctly. Track down your fuel filter and that should be on your feed line. Both the stock feed and return lines come out of an opening in the driver side frame rail.