84 GN Wreck Part out, Making some garage space.

Here is a list of items I'm looking to get out of my garage.

I'm Upstate NY, Albany area. I am willing to drive up to 2 hours for some of the larger items for $60 (fuel).

If you are interested in a bulk purchase, I'm happy to adjust the price some.

- All prices are somewhat negotiable to a point, please PM offers.

- Individual pictures upon request through PM.

- For shipping quotes and further discussion, Please PM and i'll respond as soon as I can.


$60 Pass Fender, outer (one repairable wave in metal)

$40 Rear Glass, No defogger

$40 Filler panel between trunk and glass

Spoiler trunk section (minor fiberglass damage on side edge) <<<SOLD>>>

RH quarter extension w/ RH spoiler <<<SOLD>>>

Driver outside rear view mirror with remote cable/lever <<<SOLD>>>

$25 84-86 GN Grille (crack in chrome, some scrapes on the lower RH fron corner, all cosmetic does not affect integrity)

Outside Black Trim:

$60 Front Windshield Trim (needs paint)

Rear Window Trim <<<SOLD>>>

$120 10 piece side window trim and weather strip channels

$25 RH Fender W/W trim (textured paint)

$25 RH Quarter W/W trim

$20 Hood trim (slight wear from driver wiper arm underneath, not visible installed)

$50 RH tail light/trim assembly (textured paint on trim) <<<SOLD>>>

$35 RH headlight bezel with corner lens (textured paint on trim)


84 GN Lear Seigler front seats, Seats would only be good as cores.
(GN logos fell off, driver side had temp repair of left hand thigh and back bolster upholstery) . <<<SOLD>>>

Sand seatbelt kit, complete, all belts, retractors hardware <<<SOLD>>>

Console Lid <<<SOLD>>>

Sand Console upper padded section <<<SOLD>>>

Console metal top plate <<<SOLD>>>

$30 Floor shift assembly (no handle) <<< SOLD>>>

(pair) RH and LH Sand Upper door panels in driver condition, no burn holes (power windows) <<<SOLD>>>

$20 (pair) RH and LH Sand Upper door pull

$90 (pair) RH and LH Sand Lower door panels, some deterioration could use sanding and paint (power locks, concert sound) (will not ship)

$10 (pair) Armrests

$100 4 metal Sand trim pieces around headliner (need paint)

$100 All plastic Sand interior trim and panels (need paint, A and B pillar have some deterioration)

$10 OE package tray covered with gray fabric (slightly wavy but complete)

$20 (pair) Rear fabric side panels, Sand, in good shape

$150 Dash, Slate (dash, dash surround, plastic cluster bracket. Dash missing chrome trim strip)

Gauge surround (2 drilled holes through inlays.) <<<SOLD>>>

Radio surround <<<SOLD>>>

$30 Gas pedal assembly

$25 Parking brake pedal assembly

$150 Power seat track/ motor/ transmission (Has a repair on one flex line tube, 100% working)

$20 (pair) Body by fisher rocker plates (Scuffed, need polishing)


Digital Dash Assembly 75k miles <<<SOLD>>>

Electronic Touch Climate Control system Complete
- Lower Airbox assembly
(upper cover cracked upon removal not included)
- All ducting
- Control head
- Working resistor
(I have another inop resistor that requires one connector blade)
- Mesh cowl air intake cover
- Condenser, dryer, evaporator <<<SOLD>>>

$90 Interior wiring harness (Brake light pedal switch broken wire, RH Door switch clipped)

Tail light/fuel pump harness <<<SOLD>>>

$40 Front headlamp harness

Drive train / Mechanical:

$40 FE2 Steering box

Steering Column, Slate <<SOLD>>

$10 Steering bar with tie rods and arm

Transmission dipstick <<<SOLD>>>

$50 Stock Torque Converter

Thanks For Looking!

throttle cable