84 N/A Possibly...


Finally got my Turbo
Dec 5, 2001
I may be getting my hands on an 84 N/A. It's going for $1K and the guy will take payments...supposedly they guy just rebuilt the motor and the body is in cherry condition. I had an 85 N/A and was hoping to buy another for the years of 85-87 but I guess an 84 will do :) I would love to buy a Turbo however that's just very much out of my price range right now...and I just want another Regal.

Anything in particular that I should look for? I know all the problems I had with my 85 are probably going to be the same factor, I just wanted some other opinions.

Well for starters.....

1) Worn door pin/bushings.
2) Leaking valve covers.
3) Mis-adjusted carb.
4) Sagging springs.

Thats just to name a few but is very common in all G-bodies but easy to repair. You could always drop in a 86-87 GN drivetrain later on :D .
An '84 will practically be identicla to an '85. Except it might have a 4.1 V6 instead of a 3.8 V6.

I would just worry about the condtion of the trans and make sure the body is as good as it looks. Make sure there is no hidden rust or bodywork.

Oh, and make sure the check engine light breifly comes on and then goes off when you start it. Otherwise, soemthing is wrong.
thanks for the info. Even if the tranny is bad...or going...i have my dad who could hook me up with one for under $1K. I basically just want the body to be in good shape. And if the motor runs good for a while then that's a plus to. The guy said $1K with payments, but if I do want it, I'll drop $900 in his face and see if he takes it.