84 T carbureted or fuel injected


My car is as stated an 84 T I bought the car without the motor or tranny since I planned on putting a Buick 455 into it, the reason for my question is I need to know if my car has the electrical wiring for the distributor and everything else for the swap, I really don't know much about the turbo motors thats why I'm asking. I know the turbo motors changed over the years from carbureted to fuel injection as mentioned in the "sticky" so thats whats making me think it was carbureted. just want to double check though!!
There is a seperate harness that has the wires for the starter and distributor that comes off the C100 connector on the firewall. What you will need to do is find this harness and the dash wire harness from a 84-87 NA Regal.Do not use the engine harness from the 307 V-8 car, it has the be Buick V-6. Your SFI turbo harnesses dont have the correct pin out so you have to use the 2 harnesses together as a unit. The engine side will need some of the wires lengthened a inch or so to accomedate the extra 2 cylinder length of the V-8. The power wire for the dist is the same for all HEI including the computer controled engines. I did this on my 455 Regal and everything works the way it should. Even the idiot lights on the dash. You can leave all of the ECM wiring unhooked at the dash end since no power is running through the wires.