84 t-type parts


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May 29, 2008
Pickup items (will ship if your willing to pay the high shipping price)
Turbo Hood $120
Trunk (has some rust) $50
Rims (4) with roller tires $100
Back bench seat $50
Front bench seat $70
Passenger fender $50
Driver fender (has dent) $30

Items I will ship, price is without shipping added
Entire plastic interior (Brown) (excluding dash and door panels)$70
Seat belts set (Brown) $35
Lower door panels (2) $40
Door mirrors (driver manual lever, passenger regular) $30
Rear view mirror $10
Dome light with wires $20
Inner black plastic fenders turbo type $60
Metal inner fenders $45
Lower and upper fan motor guard (plastic,black)$50

Located at zip code 49064
You pull items

Motor $200 (went out on me, heard a clunk and car died,not leaking oil,never been check, not sure whats wrong with it)
Tranny $200
Hood pics

The hood is the best body part on my car.


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Can you find out how much to ship the tranny to 70301 zip.
Rear Bumper

$75 plus shipping


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Passenger inner plastic fender has been sold so driverside is now $35 plus shipping
Just wanted to let people know that the rear bumper has the aluminium core.
Tail lights

Passenger side reverse lens is pretty cracked up and drivers side reverse lens one part has a small crack. $30 plus shipping for the pair.


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Sorry the hood has been gone for awhile and the header panel is pretty cracked up. I doubt you'd want to pay that much in shipping for its condition. I do still have the tires and rims that I'd sell for $100 for pickup which includes the spare. Tires have kept their pressure since i aired them up last year but idk if I'd trust them for use driving down the road. The tranny is still here and out of the car that I'd sell for $100 and that is also pickup.