84 T-Type wont go

if your pump can produce 90 psi with the line pinched forget the electrical issue. Doing that puts more of a current demand on that pump than anything your hot air motor can ever do that alone is proof that your "hot wire" and the ground to the pump is more than adequate when the engine is bogging and coughing the manifold pressure is constantly changing and that will cause the fuel pressure to jump up and down i seriously doubt that your problem is fuel pump related unfortunately i have worked on a lot of hot air cars and 90% of the problems can be traced to all the nest of snake like vac and pressure hoses atop the manifold and when you are sure those are finally routed correctly then replace the fouled plugs that are almost impossible to get at it will probably fun fine
I’m brand new here so please take my opinion with a grain of salt. But I had a very similar issue. Replaced my tank, punp, sender, soft hoses, filter, turbo tweak hot wire, new plugs, wires, gap smashed to .028, new OEM ignition module (the goop was literally melted and spilling on the knock sensor), autozone coil pack, replaced almost everything, I already had a Kirban regulator and rail gauge. ALL FOR NOTHING!!! It turned out to be a problem inside the ECU and a tiny crack in one of the engine vacuum lines.
I came over here from the 3000gt vr4 forums and even tho our TB cars are the best. I needed to own a stick shift car to enjoy. But I never gave up my TB and I will own it till the day I die. (I had to sell my 3000gt vr4 because it was getting to much with fixing one problem and 3 days later something completely different blows up. Once I paid a shop to hammer out the debt in my oil pan and a few weeks later it spun a rod bearing. So I decided I’m sticking with turbo Buicks for now on). And it’s amazing how similar the EFI and ignition systems are. But I learned a valuable lesson from reading on this forum that differs dramatically from the 3000gt side and that is always static test everything that you are thinking of replacing before you do. Had I joined this platform and read through it instead of just buying $h!t that I didn’t need I could have just bought a $90 ecu and $3 vacuum hose and the car has been fine since then.
But there is only one difference both my Grand National and my WE4 cars are both 1987 intercooled. But I read that you are running a 87 ecu. Like I said I’m not a new TB owner but I’m new to this forum so I figured maybe I could give back by trying to help you since a lot of people have been helping me fix up my WE4 that I had in storage for 21 years. But it was my Grand National that was stumbling on me under any load or if I ever went into boost.
If you live near someone with a good ECU maybe you can check it with their ecu. I’m sorry if I’m dead wrong. I just wanted to share my similar issues and solution.
Best of luck with getting this 84 T-type back to healthy driving again.
Sorry for my rambling I had a few beers tonight lol.
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