84 V6 parts for sale


Aug 7, 2001
Well, my 3.8L Cutlass has pissed me off for the last time. It was on its way to the junkyard anyway, but it just decided to rust the fuel line out, so it's outta here. Figured I'd post it up here in case anyone wants the Buick V6 parts!

* 1984 4-dr Cutlass, tan exterior, brown interior
* Fairly new 307 g-body radiator
* Factory 4.1L 4bbl intake
* Late 70s/Early 80s vacuum advance V6 HEI unit
* Aftermarket Grant steering wheel
* 3.42 posi 7.5" 10-bolt from 1983 Regal T-type
* Throttle bracket converted to use remote Chevy-style cruise setup

I'm keeping the A/C equipment, transmission, and stero for myself. Anything else you're interested in, post up.

I have pics of the car here. I'll probably take some more pictures of the car as it sits right now soon.

I also have a 4.1L V6 long block from a 83 (I think) Riviera sitting around.
$250 for the rear axle, pickup only. I'm in Johnstown PA.

I can get the #s off the 4.1L tonight or tomorrow as it is at my parents place in Manassas, VA.
The only number I can find on the 4.1 block is 2551429. Isn't that one # too short? It does have provision for a knock sensor (which is still there), I don't know if that tells you anything.

I also found a turbo crank in my garage, casting #229. Definitely has the rolled fillets on both the rod and crank journals. Anyone interested in that?
Any idea of the mileage on that 4.1 block and crank? how much were you looking to get? i could come and get it if i decide to buy it. 49-blues
49-blues, no clue on the mileage on the 4.1, I was hoping to get $250 for the whole thing. It has the heads, timing cover & water pump, and the rotating assembly in it.

Turbomonte, Thermostat housing & pass side exhaust manifold off the N/A 3.8? $20 plus shipping and let me know if you want anything else off the motor while I'm in there.