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What does a 85 T type generally go for? The car I'm looking at has about 100,000 on it. Paint is pretty nice(not real well taken care of) interior is near perfect, its got a few dents, one fairly major dent in passenger side. Motor is bone stock and fairly well maintained. Oh yeah..it is a designer series(black/silver with GN spoiler) I am looking into buying this car for my daily driver next spring. All info is appreciated.
My guess is that its worth abot 3000$. I paid 6000 CDN for mine but it was kind of rough but only had 44000 miles on it.
The car is in great shape other than the few dents it has. It has t-tops w/ new seals and all that good stuff. Its a fairly well maintained car, but the guy knows absolutely nothing about it.
Its a pretty nice car, it would make a great driver. How much work would it take to make a 13 sec. daily driver out of one of these?
If you wanna know what's been working for hotair guys as far as mods/speed is concerned, check out their sigs. A lot of guys are running pretty good. In general, throw on the TM IC kit (or any IC kit) and you'll be in the 13's with a little tuning and some other complementing mods (fuel pump/hotwire, chip) -- or so I've heard.

Definitely sounds like a good daily driver... always good to fine one of these cars in good shape :)