85 gn forsale

Apr 12, 2012
I have a 85 gn,I'll start off inside then work out,inside is in nice shape seats have wear as it should,driver seat has small wear in it,and passenger seat has a small tear in it,the plastic speaker guard on top of dash has cracks ,I have one to replace it,dash pad is nice and has the digital climate control. 60k on the clock. I have the premium door speaker panels in storage also. Under side of car is very nice,just the typical surface rust on the frame ,rear frame rails solid. Has boxed edelbrock lowers and sway bar to match, and adjustable uppers,new posi unit with stock gears,u joints are new. Body is soild ,passenger door is dented in the crease ,I have a oem rust free door in storage for that also,hood is not in good shape but unfortunately in the move of things the spare hood got messed up,paint is typical checked and cracked,it has a built th400 Trans with a 9.5 ptc converter ,engine is a 13k original 4.1, it literally has break in time and just moved around the shop is all. I'm sure I will miss a few things with the motor but I have 90% of the receipt that didn't get lost in the move. Motor is line bored and honed, it has billit main caps,studded mains,forged crank,all bearings are std,it has je pistons, 3.995 bore. File fit rings ,and compression was bumped to 8.25. The heads were done by Charlie f1 ,port polished and cutt for a 500 lift cam I believe, came is a 216 216,the intake on my car is off of boost 231s car ,it was bench flowed and gutted . Final flow numbers were roughly 188 in each cylinder,alcohol nozzles are right under turbo,it has a 64/66 turbo from works/ Reed Patridge, on it,I have the ss stainless steel headers ,up pipe and crossover on it,It will need a down pipe as the one on it was just a 12pack and a quick mock up to get the break in done,heads are studded with the MLS gaskets ,new front cover new oil pump,rjc racing deep sump pan, 60lb precision injectors on it,power logger ,scan master all glow shift gauges ,87 rims ,all 4 bumper fillers are new. It will need the alcky kit installed ,it will need the launch control installed witch is also still in box, the tune on the chip is set for 24 to 26 lbs of boost on 93 and alcky ,This build spec was alot of different Buick guys, Nick, Bruce, charlie,Brent all pointed me in the direction and that's were I went, unfortunately I'm in a bad spot in life right now and I'm eliminating things in my life that are not needed,Iv had this car for 5 years ,and it will be missed. I will take some pics and get them up asap. The car is turn key ,but needs alot of simple things to finish to be turn key driven. I would like to see 8k for the car. Thanks guys
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