85 GN Won't start need Advice PLEASE!!!!


Full of Hot Air
Jun 17, 2003
Hello all,

OK Here is the situation, I have a stock 85 GN 67,000 miles. Was running great this past September before I left for honeymoon I come back won't start for anything.

1) I Checked for spark at the plug wires ---- PLenty of spark

2) I Pulled the fuel pressure regulator off and was doused with gasoline. It is getting fuel fine

3) I Replaced battery checked every electrical connection under the hood fixed a few frayed wires and double cheked the rest.

I am piss poor right now unemployed for last 6 months I need to get car running so I can sell her (Breaking my heart).

I do not have any sort of scanner to test computer the only people I know that has them charges a fortune . I heard a lot of talk about crank sensors going bad Is this a possibility??

I can tear a v8 apart and put it back together blindfolded only using my toes. But I am somewhat lost on the 85 engine I tore the engine apart this past July cause timing gear went redid heads and cleaned it all up she was running great!!!

Any advice ? Help?? or comments will be greatly appreciated


Thanks for the heads up it seems like I have to do something I will give it a try, And thank you to all out there that share this information.