85 T Type rebuild

Holy $hit!
- What a terrible $40 frame for such a cool print.
My father was a professional in the art business and he framed mine. Probably a $3-400 job if I would have to guess.
I was a little pissed he covered the artists number and signature, but I have the Certificate of Authenticity stored somewhere with the print number.
Not that I would ever sell it, but what do you guys think is a "real" price to sell one like this really is?

85 Air Intake to Throttle Body.jpg
It’s a very cool pic., but it’s not an original rendering. That said a numbered print may be worth a bit of a premium if the number matches your car. The print certainly isn’t worth 10k. I’d probably pay up to $250 or so if I had to have one. The original artwork would be hard pressed to pull 10k IMO.
I think it was $87.95. I ordered mine early enough that I had to wait a couple of months until James felt it had been long enough for the GNX owners to get their choice first. He sent me #27.