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Matthew Stuart

HI All....need some help on finding the correct TPS. I go to the locals and they stock sensor that shift from left to right. Mine is the other way...from driver side to passenger. And my original is slotted. I get the 21,22 error codes on scan tool but do not get a hard foul as in Engine light coming on during operation. Is it possible with my slotted sensor is just out of adjustment ???? How could I determine that? Are these sensors known to go bad and why is the cost over 130.00 dollars??? They seem so simple..just a big resistor. Like John Mellunkamp(sp)...I'm just an idiot. Thanks for any replies..
Here is a post I saved off of the gnttype list...I am using this TPS right now on my 85 GN...works fine...


greg kring: 84 TPS replacement
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 23:11:35 -0500
From: greg kring <mailto:summit01@nationwide.net>
Subject: 84 TPS replacement
One of the list members here asked me about the part number for the
holley TPS I used to replace the bad factory original one on an old 84GN
I had. Since I spent the time to dig through the receipts I figured I
might as well post it here that way it will be in the archives for
anyone else who is interested. I bought it through Summit as a
replacement part for the Holley Projection System. The part number is
HLY-543-29. It's listed as a TPS KIT and cost me 27.39 at the time. It
works exactly as original and has been on the car four years now.
Personally I think it's better than original as the plug now faces
straight towards the front of the car rather than up towards the hood as
original. I don't know if the original tps is hard to find or expensive
like some of the parts specific to the 84 turbo cars (coil packs, turbo
up pipe, etc.), but if it is here's an alternative.
greg kring
87 GN
Arlington, Texas

Well...those codes indicate a high and a low TPS voltage...I would take the one that was on your car with the semi-circle sides put it on the car and hook a voltmeter up to it. The positive goes in the middle wire, and the Neg goes into the wire that is the furthest over on the passenger side (these wires are in the 3 wire connector that plugs into the TPS)

Turn the key to the "ON"(dont start the car) position, and check the voltage...it should be .42-.44 if not...adj it so that it reads that by loosening the screws and moving the sensor(this will cause the voltage to move) When you get it at .42-.44 tighten the screws.

Put the volt meter on the windsheid so that you can see it when you are sitting in the driver seat. With the key still in the "ON" position (car not running) Press the gas pedal to the floor..you should see the TPS rise to 4.60- 4.62. That is the correct voltage for our cars....If this dosen't happen Try to Adj it a little more so that it gets on target!

If all else fails Look into buying a new TPS sensor

Looks like Postons has the sensor (or they just list it in their catalog)

From Postons:

Part # T14061

Call them up for more info (334)-368-8577

Hope to help you out!
I bought the Holley

I believe the TPS's most TR vendors carry is the tomco brand. I have seen mixed reviews on the longevity of this one. I have also heard that people sometimes have to hog out the slots on the TPS to get the voltage right on the tomco brand. I opted for the holley one posted in one of the earlier threads, seems to work fine. Ordered it from Summit and had it a couple of days later.